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2020 NYSC Registration: List of Documents needed at the Orientation Camp

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While we wait for the commencement of the NYSC registration for batch A of which we don’t know the date yet.
This is a full list of documents you need to be fully registered when you get to the camp. If you forget any of the below documents at home, you won’t be registered in Camp.
No matter who you are, No one will attend to you. Save yourself unnecessary stress. Here are the documents you will be needing in camp A original certificate or notification of result

  • You must bring your original certificate or notification of result. Then for polytechnic students who would be coming with their HND result must bring along that of their ND
  • You must have seen in circulation or someone told you that Original ND certificate is needed in Camp.

Truly NYSC made the pronouncement that you must bring the original to camp. If you have it, or you can still get it from your institution please do, but if you can’t, as long as you have your ND statement of result with you, no problem.
B Passport (at least 8 copies) You don’t need 21 pieces, 8 is okay, some business centers, the price of 8pieces and 12pieces isn’t much, so you can make it 12pieces to be safe. For camp registration, you can use white background or red.
C Medical Certificate of Fitness Without this, you can’t even last 4hours before you will be sent out of camp. It’s Mandatory and has no substitute. It must be from any Government owned Hospital, irrespective of where you are. Scanned signatures on medical is not allowed.
D Call Up letter (you will get this after deployment) It’s a print out that shows the state NYSC post you to serve. It’s usually available for print out 2 or 3days to camp opening Must be printed in coloured. E Green Card (You will get this after registering)

  • It bears your call up number
  • Your bio data
  • Your kit sizes
  • Next of Kin details
  • State you have visited b4.

Sometimes, It won’t be available immediately you register, it takes more than 24hours after successful registration, While other times it gotten immediately after NYSC registration It’s must be printed out in coloured.
F School ID Card: You have to present your final YEAR ID Card in Camp. If yours expired last year, no worries, it will be accepted. For those who lost theirs, GO to your school and collect letter of identification, duly signed and stamped by Authorities in your school. You will be needing 5 photocopies each of the above stated documents, personally I advise you to make copies from home because it’s more expensive at camp For foreign students
Go with the above documents and all your travel documents and all documents you might have uploaded while registering. For married women Go with the above documents and your marriage certificate, photo copy of your husbands working ID card, evidence of change of name from Miss to Mrs, any original or photo copy of utility bills from your husbands place of resident.
G MEDICAL CERTIFICATE OF FITNESS Save yourself the rush hour stresses and get the mandatory medical fitness The tests approved to be carried out are:

  1. HIV
  2. Genotype
  3. Blood group
  4. HBsaG
  5. PCV
  6. HCV
  7. Urinalysis
  8. ECG
  9. Chest X-ray etc.

This documents are very important, please don’t forget any of them Don’t forget to share with friends, For any questions or enquiry, use the comment box

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