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2020 JAMB CBT Expo: How to Score 250+ in 2020 JAMB CBT Exam

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2020 JAMB CBT Expo: How to Score 250+ in 2020 JAMB CBT Exam. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB subscription for JAMB CBT Expo 2020 and JAMB CBT Runs 2020 has begun, with N8,000 your score of 250 to 350 in UTME 2020 is 100% assured

JAMB CBT Expo 2020 | JAMB CBT Runs 2020 | 2020/2021 JAMB Runz | www.jamb.org.ng

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Do you want to Make good grades in the Upcoming Joint admission matriculation board (JAMB) Examination 2020? If Yes, then you just landed on the right page at the right time. We supply nothing but Legit and Jamb Expo 2020. Take your time and check out how your result would look like if you subscribe For Our 2020 Jamb runs (runz) package below.

Do you Need Verified 2020 JAMB Questions and Answers Expo? | 2020 Jamb Runz | Jamb Questions and Answers?

See how to Score High in the JAMB CBT 2020/2021 Examination using Our Special 2020 JAMB RUNZ Assistance. Please READ Slowly Till the End⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

JAMB:- The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has proposed to conduct the 2020 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) from Saturday, 14th March, to Saturday, April 4th, 2020. Receive legit JAMB CBT Expo 2020, JAMB Runz 2020, JAMB CBT Questions and Answers 2020/2021 a few hours before the exam.

Intending candidates for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board are hereby directed to subscribe based on the notice from this page. Legit and Correct JAMB Answers 2020 are guaranteed.

NB: JAMB has canceled the plan of using NIN for UTME and DE Registration for the academic session of 2020/2021

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2020 JAMB CBT Expo: How to Score 250+ in 2020 JAMB CBT Exam

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JAMB – The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB has revealed that the period of sale of the registration form for all candidates (UTME/DE) including those from Foreign Countries is from 13th January 2020 to 17th February 2020.

Similarly, It noted that an optional mock examination for candidates takes place on February 18, 2020.

Page Contents

Is JAMB Expo 2020 Possible

We provide Legit JAMB Expo, JAMB Runs, on this note, JAMB Expo is 100 percent possible, only if you subscribe to us here at funloaded and not to scammers. Never subscribe to Scammer(s) because you saw your fellow candidate subscribe to them, rather ask questions and see the benefit of the doubt.

Is There JAMB Runs/Runz 2020

Sure, there is JAMB Runs/Runz, because of security reasons, we can’t disclose everything, just chat us and we provide visually all the information that you need in order to score as high as 250 to 350 in JAMB UTME Exam 2020.

Is 2020 JAMB Expo/Runs Real or Fake

JAMB Expo/Runs 2020 is fake to those who subscribe to Scammers, but if you subscribe to Legit, a score of 250 to 350 is guaranteed. No wonder candidates always need legit Portal for every exam. JAMB Runs is never fake and cannot be fake. Always read and subscribe to us. Send your details as instructed.

How Can I Get JAMB Answers 2020

Getting JAMB Answers is very easy, Mr. Funloaded always urges candidates to subscribe early and send their details as soon as possible. JAMB Answers always come in PDF version for those who are not privileged to use WhatsApp, we, in turn, print it for our humble subscribers in plain mode. WhatsApp is always the preferred medium to send JAMB Answers, Email or Text messages is also available. Legit portal supplies Both JAMB Questions and Answers with Answers marked to ease stress for our candidates. Subscribe now and Get in mind to score 250 to 350 in 2020 UTME.

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NOTE: JAMB Runs isn’t handled by any random bodies, so you should be careful of who you Subscribe with.

I’m an Educationist and I have been in the system for 6-5years now and counting.
It’s recorded every Year innocent candidates fall victim to being defrauded Due to Low subscription rate.

For your success to count through, You need to Sacrifice whatever it is to Succeed. Those charging you 4,000 for JAMB Runs are nothing but Sourceless copycats that will still come out boasting of their own opinion.

I speak less and do more and drop evidence of testimony bags.
I repeat Jamb Runs isn’t run by anyone randomly, So be careful in picking your choice. I’m Not forcing you to subscribe with me But be careful while choosing.

Remember Cheaper product sees many buyers while the original Product sees Less buyer. I assure you nothing less than 250+ Guaranteed. Many Out there will deceive you of scoring 300. So Those Who knows what it is to write jamb twice will Rush Towards Subscription to avoid stories that touch the Heart.

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2020/2021 JAMB Literature Expo Runz Questions and Answers Now Available

JAMB Fixes UTME Registration and Exam Date 2020

Candidates are to begin the printing of the 2020 UTME notification slips from Tuesday, 2nd April 2020. Candidates can print their slips anywhere.

Legit Jamb 2019 Candidates Testimonies

Score: 262


Score: 284


Score: 263


Funloaded has studied JAMB and time Factor, we now decided to give you tips to follow in order to get your time with your exam pattern.

The JAMB Questions format:- ENGLISH 60 Questions (comprehension passage, summary, antonyms, synonyms, sounds, questions from sweet sixteen, etc).= 40 mins*_

Others 40 questions each and 27, 27, & 26 mins respectively

Total time allotted 120mins (2hrs)

Saving Time


  1. Learn how to read and analyze questions fast.
  2. For questions you might still be contemplating the answers you can leave or suspend them and move to the next to come back and revisit such questions.
  3. Do not remove your eyes from your time.
  4. Work with time. Using maximum of 2mins on a question.
  5. The process of trying to use the calculator is usually time-wasting try calculating it by yourself (usually faster).
  6. Do not spend too much time trying to assimilate a passage. You should be able to read and digest fast…
  7. Don’t sleep on questions. Be quick so as to have some left over time to check your work. .
  8. For those that will be writing mathematics to be sure not to be a calculator person. You should be able to work out solutions fast on your sheet of paper.
  9. Once you don’t have a clue on the answer to a particular question. Don’t relax and start thinking. Follow your instincts. Pick anyone you guess would be right and move on.
  10. Prior to the exam get a jamb past questions CBT app and practice with the time as many times as possible.

JAMB CBT Expo 2020

Funloaded Jamb official Phone number is 08032773749, JAMB CBT Runs, JAMB CBT Questions and Answers, Jamb WhatsApp Group Expo Link 2020/2021, JAMB Expo 2020, JAMB Runs 2020/2021

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2020 JAMB [List of Exams]

WAEC Jan/Feb Expo 2020/WAEC Jan/Feb Runs 2019 – 1st Series

JAMB Expo 2020 / JAMB Runs 2020 / JAMB Questions and Answers 2020

WAEC Expo 2020 / WAEC Runs 2020 / WAEC SSCE Answers 2020 – May/June

IJMB Expo 2020 / IJMB Runs 2020 / IJMB Questions and Answers 2020

JUPEB Expo 2020 / JUPEB Runs 2020 / JUPEB Questions and Answers 2020

NECO Expo 2020 / NECO Runs 2020 / NECO SSCE Answers 2020

JAMB Expo Runs 2020 Available Subjects

  1. Use of English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Biology
  4. Physics
  5. Chemistry
  6. Literature
  7. Government
  8. Economics
  9. Commerce
  10. C.R.K
  11. Agricultural Science
  12. Geography
  13. Accounting

Select the Convenient Subscription Package that best suits you, then Pay the Exact Amount As MTN RECHARGE CARDS TO 08032773749.

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JAMB Runs Expo 2020 Subscription Details


This is a system of sending Jamb Questions and Answers To Jambite Phone As SMS a night to His/Her Exam Day.

Our Jamb Mobile Subscription Cost #8,000 For Four Subjects


This is a system of sending Jamb Answers directly to Jambites Computer Database, I.e The transferring of Jambite Answers their Database during their exam.

Our Jamb Computer Subscription Cost #20,000 for all Four Subject


Send The Following details:-?

(ii) Amount Paid {e.g Direct Mobile or Direct Computer}
(iii) Subjects Combination
(iv) Registration Number
(v) Exam Date and Time
(vi) Phone number

Send it to 08032773749

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Always Send Us Text SMS or WhatsApp to 08032773749 Of Your Complaint Even When Our Number Is Diverted Or Not Available, Your Message(s) Will Get To Us And We Will Reply You ASAP.

Merit: The Questions and answers we Copy from the jamb database are 101% Correct. So to avoid you Getting a Total mark of 400√ You are to give Us the score you want in total.

ProClaim:  We don’t talk much Online, We just decided to Enlighten you about Our Service and How best we Are. Little Words of Courage is Enough for a wise like You. We Only Attend to WhatsApp and Messages 24/7. 2020 jamb CBT expo answers to 08032773749

Problems Faced by JAMB Candidates

  1. Some JAMB Candidates did their Reprinting very late and discovered their exam date has passed, so if you are among those who registered for jamb late and you think u can do it reprint anytime, you might receive d greatest shock of your life.

  2. Make sure you are familiar with the exam centre. Some arrived at their centre late last year cos they couldn’t locate it on time. So to avoid any mishaps as soon as u have done your reprint, quickly locate d centre. A word is enough for the wise

  3. If there is any mistake in your jamb form pls correct it ASAP. You will not b happy having problems later. E.g emails issue,gender,state e.t.c

  4. Make sure you secure a good system to use. If your system is malfunctioning contact the nearest official. Some of you can testify how system breakdown last year frustrated candidates

  5. Don’t go to your centre with useless objects, as in items that will not b useful. Take along only the essentials.

  6. Pls, dress moderately. Some candidates were harassed last year due to their indecent dressings. They were delayed, so to be on the safer side pls dress decently. You will thank me later

  7. Pls, read the instructions again and again. I repeat again and again cos instructions change frequently and a lot of candidates fail to detect it ASAP.

  8. Use the computer part you are familiar with. Either the keyboard or mouse. The one you are familiar with.

  9. Answer the subject you are good at first, From known to unknown, it boosts your morale. If you can get over 150 from your 2 best subject your good to go.

  10. Before the exam, ask questions on what you don’t understand. Don’t form big boys and girls.

Note: Password Link Subscribers Will Get Their Answers on PASSWORD LINK

Funloaded Solution Team Wishes You Best Of Luck In Your Exams.

REASON WHY STUDENTs FAILs – Cheap/fake runz:

A lot of websites are out there giving free or fake Answers. imagine such a site not considering the results of students, compose fake answers or give the students fake Answers. Most of the fault goes to students risking their own exams for cheap/free Answers.

What you don’t know is that nothing is free, even in Freetown. Learn how to pay for what you need most. Be wise and try harder to pass.

Always Subscribe. For inquiries, contact Funloaded Legit JAMB Official Phone number @ 08032773749

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

1. What is Computer Based Test (CBT)?

The computer-based test is the administration of an examination using a computer. This format is flexible in that the test can be taken at different times and in different locations.

2. Why Computer Based Test (CBT)?

CBT makes for a more accurate, precise and fair assessment of the candidates.

3. What are the benefits of Computer Based Test (CBT)?

• It is fast in that it gives immediate feedback.

• It is accurate and offers automated analysis of results.

• It is fair.

• It is more secured.

• It is the global best practice.

4. What is e-UTME?

e-UTME is an electronic form of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination that adopts the use of a computer to display and answer test items.

5. What are the Computer Based Test (CBT) centres?

Test centres are examination locations across the country where candidates can take Computer Based Tests (CBT). These centres are equipped with modern infrastructure that would enable the conduct of CBT.

6. Where are the test centres located?

CBT centres are located in all the thirty-six states of the federation and the FCT. To find a CBT centre click here

7. Are these centres well equipped for CBT?

Yes, the centres are well-equipped for CBT.

8. What does the test centre look like?

A room equipped with computers connected to the Internet or Intranet (Local Area Network).

9. Are the test centres conducive for CBT?

Yes. The e-UTME accredited professional test centers are certified and equipped to international standards to facilitate a comfortable environment conducive for e-testing. All equipment is provided and there is technical support staff who are available to assist candidates at any time during the examination.

10. How many candidates are attached to a computer?

A candidate is assigned to a computer.

11. Are international testing centres available?

Yes, e-UTME accredited testing centres are available in all the six countries where JAMB conducts its examinations (United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Republic of Benin, Cameroun and Ghana).

12. Does Computer Based Test cost the same as Paper Pencil Examination?

Yes, the cost is the same.

13. How do I pay for my Exam?

You will purchase your e-registration card from any designated bank and register online.

14. Are CBT questions the same as Paper Pencil Test?

Yes, they are.

15. If I take CBT, would my performance be different from those who took PPT?


16. Will the Computer Based Test follow the same content guidelines of the UTME syllabus?


17. Is the duration of the Computer Based Test the same as the Paper Pencil Examination?

The Computer Based Test is generally the same length as the Paper Pencil Examination. The details of the test length will be included in the test instructions on the examination day.

18. Are Computer Based Tests secure?

Yes. The extensive computerized encryption systems make breaking into the test virtually impossible. Also, test centers make it very difficult for candidates to bring in unauthorized materials.

19. Is the Computer Based Test (CBT) compulsory for all candidates?

No, there will be options of either the Computer Based Test or the Paper Pencil Examination.

20. How friendly is the CBT to candidates?

The CBT has been specially designed to provide the necessary atmosphere for the optimum performance of the candidates in terms of layout and simplicity of the questions on the screen. Similarly, moving from one question to another is achieved at the click of the Mouse Button or the movement of the “Arrow Keys”.

21. How do I register for CBT?

Candidates are expected to purchase the UTME registration scratch cards from designated banks and register online through www.jamb.org.ng

23. Will all candidates write the examination at the same time?

No. Each candidate will write the examination according to a scheduled/appointed time.

24. Should I bring the e-slip printout to the testing centre?

Yes. You should bring the original of your confirmation printout to the centre.

25. What do I do if I need to reschedule my examination?

If the need arises, you should contact the SERVICOM office at JAMB, National Headquarters Bwari, Abuja.

26. How do I start the test?

You are expected to first key in the registration number into the computer and click on NEXT. You are to read and follow the instructions that come up. Now, click on START EXAM.

27. How do I key in my answers on a Computer Based Test?

Answers to questions may be entered into the computer in either of two ways. You may key in answers by clicking on the option you believe to be the answer or typing in the letter of the option. Answers are recorded directly into the computer.

28. May I review my answers or skip questions and answer them later when taking a Computer Based Test?

Yes. You may review and change your answers after they have been entered into the computer during the examination or after you have attempted to answer all the questions before the final submission.

29. How do I know the time I have spent on my examination?

The time will be displayed on the computer screen during the examination.

30. May I bring food to the test centre?

No. Food is not allowed in the test centre.

33. May I bring a calculator to the test centre?

No. You will be provided with one on the examination day.

34. If there is a power failure would it affect my timing?

No. There will be power back-up with alternative power supply and your test will return to the exact place where you stopped. All questions are saved upon answering them.

35. How do I end the test?

When you have answered and reviewed all the questions, you would be required to click the “END” button. Another box will ask you to confirm that you are ready to end the test. Once you confirm that you want to end, the test will close and you will not be able to regain entry.

36. Would there be any break during the examination?

No. There is no break between the test.

37. Can I practice taking the Computer Based Test before the actual administration?

Yes, you can practice taking the test as often as you wish by taking the PRACTICE TEST on the JAMB website www.jamb.gov.ng/practice-test at no cost to you.

38. How can I get more comfortable with CBT before taking an examination?

You can get further practice tests of JAMB past questions on the purchase of an e-card.

39. How quickly will I receive scores?

You will receive your scores on your mobile phones almost immediately you leave the examination centre.

40. Will there be audiovisuals on the Computer Based Test?

That depends on the test being taken. If visuals contribute to the test, they will be shown on the screen with the text of the questions or in a separate window.

41. Is knowledge of computer programming necessary to take a test on the computer?

No. The test administration program only requires you to be able to use the mouse or keyboard to answer questions. Moreover, there will be a mouse-practice session on the JAMB website.

42. How early should I arrive at the test centre?

You are expected to arrive as early as 6:00 am for the biometrics verification exercise.

43. What if I am late for the testing appointment?

If you arrive after thirty minutes (30mins.) into the examination, you will not be allowed into the testing centre.

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Follow steps above to be part of our 2020 Jamb CBT Expo/Runs, 2020 JAMB Expo, 2020 JAMB Runs candidate

JAMB Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’s]

Question 1.

can a person use the same phone number and email that he used for registration of 2019 jamb to register for 2020 jamb?



Question 2.

Hello @JAMB can I use the mobile number I used last year for this year’s own…



Question 3. 

I registered for my NIN since 2015, and the surname I used is different from the one on my o level result which is going to use to register for my jamb, please what do I do??? Can I use it.


Go to NIMC for any corrections.

Question 4.

nimc_ng I am messaging to know if I can change my phone number on my profile because it has been barred and I lost the sim. Moreover, I used it against last year’s Jamb which cannot be used again for this year. I want to know if there is Anything you can do to help me out. @JAMB


You cannot change the phone number on your profile. Visit your network provider to retrieve the number.

Question 5

Please I have already gotten my nin 3 years ago, but I registered with three names (Fatai Abdulahi Tunde) meanwhile I have just two names on my credentials (Fatai Abdulahi) The questions is hope it had no effect


Go to NIMC for any correction

Question 6

@JAMB please I misplace the number I use to register for my jamb profile, how can I change my number to my new mobile number.


You cannot change the phone number on your profile. Visit your network provider to retrieve the number.

Question 7.

How do I upgrade


Visit any of the JAMB offices nearest to you to upgrade from UTME to DE as this service is limited to JAMB offices.

Question 8.

@JAMB Please can I use my former Gmail used in registering UTME in 2017 for registration of DE in this 2020


Yes, you can if you are the same candidate with the same data.


JAMB can I register JAMB and D.E at the same time. Please I need a quick response. Thanks


Candidates are NOT allowed to register for both UTME and DE. If a candidate registers for UTME and has the additional qualification(s) for DE, there is provision for such a candidate to upgrade.

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2020 JAMB CBT Expo: How to Score 250+ in 2020 JAMB CBT Exam

2020 JAMB CBT Expo: How to Score 250+ in 2020 JAMB CBT Exam

2020 JAMB CBT Expo: How to Score 250+ in 2020 JAMB CBT Exam

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