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NECO Biology Practical Specimens for 2021/2022 Now Available

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NECO Biology Practical Specimens

NECO Biology Practical Specimens for 2021 June/July Examination (SSCE): National Examination Council of Nigeria [NECO] June/July Internal Senior School Certificate Examination [SSCE] Original/Authentic Official Instructions to Schools Specimens for 2021/2022 Academic Session Now Published [Download in PDF].

This is to inform all candidates who registered for the NECO Examination for 2021/2022 that the Biology examination specimens/instruction Areas of Concentrations are now available.

Welcome to the NECO Biology Practical Specimens for 2021 Areas of Concentration that you cannot escape & Instructions to Schools, Colleges candidates.

From the available NECO Exam Timetable, the examination is scheduled to hold from 5th July and ends on 16th August 2021.

Other information on the NECO Biology Practical Specimens will also be discussed.

Now, you want to know if the NECO Biology Practicals Specimens is Out, right?

If yes, then this information is good for you and will enlighten you on that.

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NECO BIOLOGY PRACTICAL SSCE Internal Examination Specimens

  1. SPECIMEN A – Atlas vertebra
  2. SPECIMEN B – Thoracic vertebra
  3. SPECIMEN C – Scapula
  4. SPECIMEN D – Lumbar vertebra
  5. SPECIMEN E – Pooter
  6. SPECIMEN F – Sweep net
  7. SPECIMEN G – Tridax fruit
  8. SPECIMEN H – Tad pole
  9. SPECIMEN I – Spirogyra (filaments)
  10. SPECIMEN J – Okro fruit
  11. SPECIMEN K – Mango fruit
  12. SPECIMEN L – Tick
  13. SPECIMEN M – Bean weevil
  14. SPECIMEN N – Cactus plant
  15. SPECIMEN O – Water lettuce
  16. SPECIMEN P – Soldier termite (mandibulate)


A simple way to Pass NECO Biology 2021 Practical Specimen Examination

As a matter of fact, there are some simple steps you can take in order to pass your exam very easily. These are the tips we shall give below so as to guide you in passing these 2021 NECO Practical questions and provide yourself with correct answers.
  • NECO 2021 syllabus is the very first thing you should think of. If you know the syllabus for Biology Practical Specimen, then you can easily know which area to concentrate on. So I recommend that you should get this NECO Syllabus.
  • NECO Past questions on Biology practical should come into your mind. Having the past question for any subject helps you to know the manner and the likes of questions you should expect from that subject so as to be able to answer them accordingly.
  • After getting all these items, then the next step is for you to sit down and study this subject effectively and all the questions will be very simple for you.
  • Lastly, I will recommend that you should have sound knowledge about practicals because this is what will be required of you, and click here to subscribe for our midnight Legit NECO Expo for only interested candidates only…


For those of you looking for the NECO Expo, this is the right time for your to get it.

Lists of Subjects Available for NECO 2021 Expo

Thirty-Six subjects will be available for the examination. They include:

1) General Mathematics
2) Further Mathematics
3) English Language
4) Literature-in-English
5) Hausa
6) Igbo
7) Yoruba
8) Biology
9) Chemistry
10) Physics
11) Agricultural Science
12) Government
13) Economics
14) Geography
15) Civic Education
16) Christian Religious Studies
17) Islamic Studies
18) Financial Accounting
19) Commerce


1) Biology
2) Chemistry
3) Physics
4) Agricultural Science
5) Geography

If you are in need of any of the stated subjects above, proceed to make payments for your success.

Payment Modes

  • Recharge Card (MTN)

Check out the price list of the number of subjects you want to subscribe to.


DIRECT MOBILE:- This is a plan where we will send you the answers both obj & theory direct to your mobile phone inbox as SMS including Practicals.
ALL Subjects(Science, Art, Commercial) + Practicals: N18,000
9/8/7 Subjects + Practicals: N8,000
9/8/7 Subjects – Practicals: N6,000
6 Subjects + Practicals: N5,500
5 Subjects + Practicals: N5,000
Payment Per Subject: N800
Payment Per Practical: N600
WHATSAPP PLAN:– In this plan, you get a WhatsApp message where Obj & theory answers are posted to your Whatsapp number including Practicals. Including PDF Format to download easily
ALL Subjects(Science, Art, Commercial) + Practicals: N12,000
9/8/7 Subjects + Practicals: N6,000
9/8/7 Subjects – Practicals: N5,000
6 Subjects + Practicals: N4,500
5 Subjects + Practicals: N4,000
Payment Per Subject: N600
Payment Per Practical: N500
PASSWORD/LINK RUNS:– In this plan, you get Sms to your phone and/or WhatsApp message with a link/password to where Obj & theory answers are posted online including Practicals.
ALL Subjects(Science, Art, Commercial) + Practicals: N10,000
9/8/7 Subjects + Practicals: N5,000
9/8/7 Subjects – Practicals: N4,000
6 Subjects + Practicals: N3,500
5 Subjects + Practicals: N3,000
Payment Per Subject: N500
Payment Per Practical: N400

NECO UPDATE!!!: Don’t send your subscription/card twice. If you do so your subscription will be terminated be warn. Send your subscription early to get your password early. 100% Refund if the 2021 NECO Exam is not delivered to your taste and satisfaction. 100% assurance and authentic answers will reach you.

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How to Get NECO Answers 2021.

(Payment is via MTN Recharge Card Only)

(i) Payment name/Your name.
(ii) MTN Card Pins (If you don’t see an N1000 card or N1500, u can combine 200, 400, etc to sum to ur plan amount.)
(ii) Subjects.
(iii) Amount Paid.
(iv) Phone number to 08032773749

Name: Olusola
Cards: 123455666777777, 14455555555554, 4444444444444
Amount: N80000
Subjects: English, Maths, Biology, Physics……….
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NECO Practical Biology Questions and Answers

Note: The 2021 NECO Practical Biology answers (expo) will be posted for those who subscribed with us alone, Mr. Funloaded has long ago created NECO VIP WhatsApp Group for interested tutors, Principal’s agents, and Teachers & Candidates. NECO VIP group is where all NECO Questions and Answers are dropped at midnight before the stated exam time on the timetable.

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Today’s NECO Biology Practical Answers: (2020 Answers)

Specimen; A is yam tuber
Specimen; B is cassava tuber
Specimen; C is quadrant
Specimen; D is insect net
Specimen; E is rain guage
Specimen; F is rice grain
Specimen; G is dry groundnuts seed

Specimen; A is propagated from small tubers
Specimen; B is propagated by stem
Specimen; F is propagated by seeds

Specimen; C is used for study of the distribution of an item over a large area.
Specimen; D is used for prevention against insects
Specimen; E is used to measure the precipitating rain

Diagram of insect net.

(i)The surface of B turn blue-black
(ii)starch is present

Specimen; F grains (cereals)
Specimen; G puises (legume)

(i)The paper appears translucent
(ii) Specimen; G contain fat and oil or fat and oil is present in specimen G

Fat and oil

Specimen; H is contour feather
Specimen; I is quill feather
Specimen; J is Filoplume
Specimen; K is millipede
Specimen; L is centipede

(i)They provide insulation to birds
(ii)Feathers allow for flight
(iii)Feathers are used for defense
(iv)Feathers are used for camouflage


Diagram of specimen I.

(i)Specimen; H serve as aerodynamic
devices for flight
(ii)Specimen; J are used principally as insulation, to conserve body heat.

Specimen; K belong to the class Diplopoda
Specimen; L belong to the class Chilopoda.

In tabular form
-Specimen; K-
(i)millipedes are more rounded.
(ii)Millipedes have two sets of legs per segment positioned directly under their body.

-Specimen; L-
(i)centipedes have a flatter body
(ii)Centipedes have one set of legs per segment positioned on the side of their body.

Specimen; M is Grasshopper
Specimen; N is spider
Specimen; O is Larva (house fly)
Specimen; P is Larva ( mosquito)
Specimen; Q Flame of The forest flower
Specimen; R hibicuss flower.

NECO Biology Practical Practice Questions

The questions below are for practice, not the 2021 Biology Practical questions.

1. (a) (i) Phylum of specimens C/Butterfly and E/Grasshopper: Arthropoda

(ii) Reasons for the answer in 1 (a)(i): (I) Metameric segmentation/segmented bodies: (II) Jointed appendages; (III) presence of chitinous exoskeleton/exoskeleton made of chitin; (IV) Bilateral symmetry.

(b) differences between


Wings presentWings are absent
Proboscis presentMandibles are present
Proleg absentMandibles are present
Legs are longerLegs are shorter
Claspers are absentClaspers are present
Has one pair of compound eyesHas simple eyes
Has antennaeAbsence of antennae
Osmeterium absentOsmeterium present


Presence of proboscisPresence of mandibles
Clubbed/rounded/knobbed antennaeNot clubbed/rounded/knobbed antennae/tapering antennae;
Wing is membreneous/softHarder/less membraneous wings/forewings are leathery
Surface of wing is powdery/have scales/eye spotsSurface of wing is not powdery/absence of scales/eye spots;
Hind limbs/legs smaller/shorter/less muscularHind limbs/legs/larger and elongated/more muscular
Abdomen is hairyAbdomen is not hairy/smooth

(c) Relationship between specimens C/Butterfly and D/Caterpillar:

(i) C/butterfly is the adult/image of D/Caterpillar

(ii) D/Caterpillar is the larva/larva stage of C/Butterfly

(d) (i) Habitat of specimen D/Caterpillar: Garden/Citrus leaves/vegetables/leaves/fruits/green plant has three pairs of true legs with claws for locomotion. (III) it has claspers; for attachment to vegetation/twid; (IV) presence of four pairs of prologs/false legs: for climbing; (V) its coloured pattern; enables it to blend with its environment/camouflages/escape predators; (VI) it has spiracles; for gaseous exchange, (VII) it has simple eyes for vision (VIII) has osmeterium; as defense mechanism/which emits foul smell to scare away predators.

(e) Diagram/drawing of dorsal view of specimen C/Butterfly

2(a)observable features of biological importance in

Specimen F/Carrot: (i) Main root/tap root/swollen/root tuber; (ii) Presence of lateral roots; (iii) Presence of short stem (green) ; (iv) Presence of foliage leaves; (v) Part of main root tapering

Specimen G/Irish potato: (i) Swollen stem/stem tuber; (ii) Bud(s)/ eye; (iii) Lenticels; (iv) scale leaf; (v) adventitious roots(s)

(b) (i) Classification of (I) Specimen F/Carrot: Root tuber; (II) Specimen G/Irish Potato: Stem tuber. Stem (above the swollen tap root). Specimen G/Irish Potato: Swollen, Stem/tuber; presence of bud(s)/eye; presence of scale leaves/leaf; presence of lentice(s).

(c) Class of specimen H and J: insect

(d) (i) Observable differences between specimen H and J.

H/Adult mosquitoJ/Adult cockroach
Smaller in sizeBig/large in size
A pair of wingsTwo pairs of wings;
Absence of hard hind wingPresence of hard hind wing/elytra;
Shorter antennaeLonger antennae
Absence of maxillary palp/maxillaPresence of maxillary palp/maxilla
Thin legsThick/large legs;
Absence of spines on legsPresence of spine on legs.

(ii) Similarities between specimens H/adult mosquito and J/adult cockroach:

(i) Presence of a pair of compound eyes
(II) Body is divided into three divisions/head, thorax and abdomen
(iii) three pairs of/six(walking) legs
(IV) presence of jointed appendages
(V) presence of a pair of membraneous wings
(VI) Presence of a pair of antenna
(VII) Both have exoskeleton made of chitin
(VIII) Segmented Body.

(i) Feeding Habit of Specimen H/adult mosquito: Piercing and sucking. Specimen J/adult cockroach: Biting and chewing

(ii) Observing features used for feeding in specimen J/adult cockroach: Mandible; maxillae; labrum

4.  (a) (i) Phylum of Specimen R/Earthworm: Annelida

(ii) Reasons for the classification of Specimen R/Earthworm:

(I) Presence of metameric segmentation/segments are separated from each other (by septa
(II) They are bilaterally symmetrical
(II) Segments are separated from each other
(IV) Presence of chaetae
(V) Body is covered by thin collagen cuticle
(VI) body is long and cylindrical.

(iii) Habitat of Specimen R/Earthworm:

(I) Under decaying leaves
(II) Wet/moist soil
(III) In open savanna/savannah beneath tall grasses
(IV) In the forests in decaying tree-stumps.

(b) (i) Features of adaption of Specimen R/Earthworm:

(I) Bristle like Caetae/seatea; for locomotion
(II) Mosit skin; for gaseous exchange
(III) Pointed anterior; for burrowing into the soil
(IV) Slimy body; reduces friction during movements
(V) Citellum; for attachment during exchange of sperms/reproduction/secretes cocoon (in which it eggs are deposited).

(ii) Economic importance of Specimen R/Earthworm:
(I) it aerates the soil
(II) it enriches/improves soil fertility
(III) its secretions neutralize the acid soil
(IV) Used as bait for fishing
(V) As food for some birds.

(c) Diagram/Drawing of the dorsal view of Specimen R/Earthworm

(d) Type of fruit: Specimen S/unripe mango fruit – Drupe, Specimen T/tomato fruit – Berry.

(e) (i) Observable differences between Specimens S and T

Specimen C/Unripe Mango FruitSpecimen T/tomato Fruit
Green in colourRed/Yellow in colour
One seededMany seeded
Stony/hard endocarpFleshy/Succulent/Soft endocarp
Fibrous mesocarpSucculent mesocarp
Seed largeSeed(s) small;
Basal placentationAxile placentation
Mesocarp and endocarp are fusedMesocarp had endocarp are not fused

(ii) Similarities between specimens S and T:

(I) Both have seeds

(II) both are fruits

(III) Both have three layers/epicarp/mesocarp/endocarp/pericarp/fruit wall

(IV) Coloured epicarp/pericarp

(V) Both have placenta

(VI) Both have thin epicarp

(VII) both have fleshy mesocarp.

If you have any question about the NECO Biology Practical, kindly let us know in the comment box.

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