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NECO Computer Studies Expo | NECO Computer Studies Runs 2021 Now Available

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NECO Computer Studies Expo | NECO Computer Studies Runs 2021 Now Available

Neco Computer Studies Expo Answers 2021: Hello Dear, welcome to Funloaded, your best NECO 2021 exam help desk. It’s just a few hours before the exam.

How to Get the correct 2021 NECO Computer Studies Expo Answers, the best legit source for your NECO Computer Studies correct answer is here.

This page will show you the complete guidelines on how to get early NECO Computer Studies objective and theory/essay answers As Text Message, Password Link, and WhatsApp Message Midnight Before Exam with 100% Assured.

NECO Computer Studies Expo

You will also understand how NECO Computer Studies questions are set and how to answer them. The National Examinations Council is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January respectively.

I will show you the best way to answer NECO Computer Studies Essay & Objective questions correctly and make a good result in your SSCE examination.

You need to understand the NECO Computer Studies Answer marking scheme before attempting any question so as to present your answers in such a way that it will look attractive to the examiner to earn you big marks, Bear in mind that every single procedure is awarded marks. Check out Physics Practical Solution here.


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(i) .com ; they are use initially intended to distinguish commercial organizations

(ii) .net ; they are use connect Nordic national research and educational networks

(iii) .org ; they are use for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

(i)Google Chrome.

(ii)Mozilla Firefox

The control unit is a component of a computer’s central processing unit that directs the operation of the processor.
CU typically uses a binary decoder to convert coded instructions into timing and control signals that direct the operation of the other units. Most computer resources are managed by the CU.

An arithmetic logic unit is a combinational digital circuit that performs arithmetic and bitwise operations on integer binary numbers. This is in contrast to a floating-point unit, which operates on floating point numbers.

Register is defined as the small subset of the data that has fast accessible memory in the central processing unit. For the execution of different computer instructions and programs type of registers are used. There are numerous categories of computer registers that are available for the execution of instructions. The registers can be categorized by their size, functions, or names. These registers are used to store the data temporarily and perform the execution of computer instructions and can be also used to store results in it. The processing speed of registers is the fastest to another data set.

Phishing is a method of identity theft that relies on individuals unwittingly volunteering personal details or information that can be then be used for nefarious purposes. It is often carried out through the creation of a fraudulent website, email, or text appearing to represent a legitimate firm.

(i) Space on the hard disk
(ii) The size of the RAM

(i) AVG Antivirus

(ii) Norton Antivirus.

A compiler is a computer program that translates computer code written in one programming language into another language. The name “compiler” is primarily used for programs that translate source code from a high-level programming language to a lower level language to create an executable program.


– F5: In all modern Internet browsers, pressing F5 will refresh or reload the page or document window.

– F1: Almost always used as the help key, almost every program opens a help screen when this key is pressed.


A character set defines the valid characters that can be used in source programs or interpreted when a program is running.

Network Topology is the schematic description of a network arrangement, connecting various nodes(sender and receiver) through lines of connection.

(i) Transmitting network is not affected by high traffic or by adding more nodes, as only the nodes having tokens can transmit data.
(ii) Cheap to install and expand


An algorithm is a finite sequence of well-defined, computer-implementable instructions, typically to solve a class of specific problems or to perform a computation.

Word processor:
(i) Abiword
(ii) Corel WordPerfect

Spreadsheet packages:
(i) Google Sheets

(ii) Microsoft Excel

File security is a feature of your file system which controls which users can access which files, and places limitations on what users can do to various files in your computer.

(i) Computer files are transferred electronically.
(ii) Computer files are difficult to destroy and can last for a long time.
(iii) Computer files is difficult to access at all times

(i) Manual files can be transported through physical means
(ii) Manual files can warn off and can be depleted easily by hand.
(iii) Manual files is Easy to access whenever required

A programming language is a vocabulary and set of grammatical rules for instructing a computer or computing device to perform specific tasks. The term programming language usually refers to high-level languages, such as BASIC, C, C++, COBOL, Java, FORTRAN, Ada, and Pascal.


(Pick any two)-
(i) Keyboard
(ii) Mouse
(iii) Scanner
(iv) Cameras

(v) Joystick


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Saturday 14th August 2021

  • Paper III Si II: Objective & Essay – Computer Studies – 10:00am-1:30pm

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2021 NECO Computer Studies Essay & Objective

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