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NECO Government Expo 2022, Legit NECO Government Runs 2022/2023, NECO Government Questions and Answers Now Available

NECO Government Expo 2022, Legit NECO Government Runs 2022/2023, NECO Government Questions and Answers Now Available

NECO Government Expo 2022

NECO Government Expo 2022

Welcome to the best and legit NECO Government Expo Questions and Answers 2022. Many NECO SSCE candidates find it difficult to answer the NECO Government correctly due to not understanding the questions.

I will show you the best way to answer NECO Government questions and make a good NECO result in your Government examination.

You need to understand the NECO Government marking scheme before attempting any question so as to present your answers in such a way that it will look attractive to the examiner to earn you big marks, Bear in mind that every single procedure is awarded marks. Check out Government Solution here.

According to the NECO Exam Timetable, The Government has been scheduled to take place on Friday 15th July 2022 from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm. Receive the correct NECO Government Expo 2022, NECO Government Expo Answers 2022 midnight before your exam.


NECO Government Expo Runz Answers 2022




INSTRUCTIONS: Answer Five (5) Questions In All, Two (2) From Section A and Three (3) From Section B


A bill is a proposed law under consideration of the legislative arm which later be passed into law by the approval of the executive.

(i) First reading:
This is the first stage of passing bill into law which requires the presentation of the drafted bill to the parliament. The bill is read to the hearing of the members of the legislature by the clerk of the house. After the title of the bill is read and there is no opposition, it will be printed into leaflets and distributed among the members for proper assessment before the second reading.

(ii) Second reading:
This is the stage which the bill will be deliberated and debated on. The presenter of the bill will be invited to explain the purpose of the bill and defend it. After which, the members will vote the bill to the next stage. If the bill receives majority votes, it will move to the next stage and if not, it will end without any amendment.

(iii) The committee stage:
Here, the bill is passed to one or more committees in the house for necessary amendment and discussion. There are different committees in the house which deliberate on different matters.

(iv) Report stage:
This is the stage in which the various findings about the bill will be documented during the amendment. The findings or reports about the bill will be read by the Speaker or Chairman of the standing committees.

(v) Third reading:
This is the last stage in which proper assessment and scrutinization will be carried out to ensure that the bill is properly amended. During this stage, another and final vote will be carried out before the bill is presented to the executive for approval. Once the assent is given to the bill by the executive president, then it becomes law

(i) State of emergency:
When a state of emergency is declared in a country or state, citizens will find some of their rights denied in order to restore peace and order.

(ii) Custom and tradition: The application of the rule of law may be limited in some cases when the custom and traditions of the people must be respected and preserved.

(iii) Diplomatic immunity: The fact that ambassadors and high commissioners enjoy some immunities and cannot be prosecuted or punished in the country where they are serving also poses a great limitation to the application of the rule of law.

(iv) Legislative immunity: This also undermines the application of the rule of law due to the fact that the members of the parliament cannot be sued or prosecuted for any false or libelous statement made in the house whereas an ordinary man on the street can be punished for the same statement.

(v) Delegated legislation: The delegation of law-making power to some bodies other than the legislature often brings about the complexity of law and abuse of such power which may lead to violation of fundamental human rights of the citizens even without the opportunity of seeking redress.

(vi) The type of government: The type and system of government practiced in a country will determine the degree of the application of the rule of law. In a country where a military or unitary system of government is adopted, there will be the minimum application of the rule of law.

– A citizen owes allegiance to his country.
– A citizen has political and fundamental rights.
– At the time of war, a citizen can be compelled by the government to join military service.
– A citizen automatically acquires the citizenship of his country by virtue of his being born in the country, an alien can only become a citizen through a process of naturalization and registration.
– A citizen’s citizenship cannot be revoked even if he commits a crime, as it is not a privileged status.
– A citizen has a greater sense of security.

– An alien does not owe allegiance.
– An alien does not have any right to participate in the government process.
– An alien cannot be compelled to undertake military activities.
– An application by an alien for naturalization may be rejected by the government of the country of his domicile.
– An alien citizenship of a naturalized Citizen can be revoked if he is convicted of a serious crime.
– An alien living under a state of fear (fear of arrest, fear of mob attack, fear of destruction of property, etc).

– Organizing and Conducting Elections: The Electoral Commission has the sole responsibility of organizing and conducting all elections in a political system.

– Ensuring free and fair elections: It is also the specific duty of the commission to conduct Free and Fair Elections in a country.

– Announcement of Election Results: The body only, is permitted by law to announce election results.

– Honesty and Fair Play: An electoral commission is expected to be honest and just in decision making, especially with the conduct of the elections.

– Headed by a Chairman: The commission is controlled by the chairman, while other members are appointed.

– Fixed Tenure of Office: The composition of the electoral commission has a stipulated tenure of office.


Answer Three (3) Questions from This section

(i) Free and fair election: Democracy is Characterised by regular and periodic free and fair elections. In a democratic state, the citizens cast their votes and elect those that will represent their interest in various political offices as a means of indirect participation in running the affairs of the state but in a military system, it is devoid of the free and fair election but selection by the supreme leader.

(ii) Application of rule of law: Democracy recognizes the equality of all citizens or classes of people in the country regardless of their economic, political or social status as it is expressed by the rule of law and due process.

(iii) Existence of political parties: Democracy recognizes the establishment and existence of political parties preferably a multiple party system in which individual parties present candidates who compete for power in the general election.

(iv) Existence and respect of fundamental human rights: In a democratic system of government, fundamental human rights are recognized, protected, and respected in all aspects of life which are not respected in the military system.

(iv) Supremacy of the constitution: Democracy recognizes the supremacy of the constitution which determine the operation and functions of all sectional groups and organizations in the state, showing that nobody is above the law but the constitution.

Local government authority is an organization that is officially responsible for all the public services and facilities in a particular area.

(i) Statutory functions:
The local governments were given specific statutory functions to perform.

(ii) Single tier:
All the local governments were made all- purpose single-tier local governments.

(iii) Appointment:
There was the appointment of full-time chairmen and supervisory councilors.

(iv) Condition of service:
The condition of service of local government staff was unified with that of their counterparts in state and federal civil service.

(v) Grants:
Federal and state governments were made to give grants to local governments.

(vi) Uniform system of local government:
There was the introduction of a uniform system of local government throughout the country.

(vii) Federal government involvement:
The federal government became directly involved in local government administration.

(viii) Service board/ commission:
There was the introduction of local government service board/commission in all the states.

(i)Preservation of existing cultural values:
The system of indirect rule was a success in the North because it preserved the existing cultural values of the natives and also assisted in improving them to gradually accept or adapt to a modern system of government.

(ii) The imposition and collection of tax:
The administration of indirect rule took the issue of tax collection very seriously which was already in existence in the North.

(iii) Illiteracy:
The majority of the people in the North were illiterate as such they could not resist or challenge the colonial imposition or rule of the foreign power.

(iv) Centralization of power:
The administrative system in the North was highly centralized and it was thus adopted and accepted by the British through the use of indirect rule.

(v) Obedience to traditional authorities:
Northern had great respect for constituted authorities and that made it easy for the indirect rule to be used to govern the people.

(vi) Training of local administrators:
The indirect rule aided in the training of the local leaders in the North in its method of administration.

(i) Membership of the House of Representatives:
This House will have 320 members and was to be elected by universal adult suffrage in the east, west, and southern Cameroun and by adult male suffrage in the North.

(ii) Appointments of premier:
The governor of the region should appoint as premier the person that commanded a majority in the House of Assembly

(iii) Self Government:
The Eastern and western regions were to be self-governed in August 1957 while the North was to become self-governing in 1959

(iv) Appointments of ministers:
The governors would appoint ministers on the advice and recommendation of the premier.

(v) Appointments of regional governors:
The Queen would appoint a regional Governor, on the advice of the United kingdom ministers with due consultation from the regional government concerned.

(vi) Status of a region:
Southern Cameroun was to have the status of a region with its own premier. The Governor-general of Nigeria would, however, continue to have ultimate responsibility for it as a trusty territory.

NECO Government Questions and Answers 2022 is now released for SSCE June/July 2022 Candidate. NECO Government Theory and Objective Answers (100%legit) Government  Essay verified Free  (Expo) for National Examination Council.

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You will also understand how NECO Government questions are set and how to answer them. The National Examination Council is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and November/December respectively.

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NECO Government Questions and Answers 2022

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