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Amazon Carding Method 2022 – 100% Legit

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Amazon Carding Method 2022 Tutorial

For every Amazon account, there are criminals who are looking to take your money illegally. In this post, I will show you the PayPal carding method used by scammers and how you can protect your account from being carded.

Amazon carding is not a common money hack for money worldwide. However, thousands of Indians and Americans are ordering the latest iPhones, Samsung, and LCD TVs via Amazon daily with no money. Do you ever wonder why a common Indian with no job will be handling the latest iPhone? If it interests you to know, the superb Amazon carding method is the simple trick used.

If you are also looking for the Amazon Refund Trick, to get refunds from Amazon and also keep the product, then click here to learn.

This article is meant only for educational purposes. We don’t support carding activities. The methods here will expose how it works and how to protect your money and Amazon account.

This article exposes how to do Amazon carding with 100% success. You’ll equally learn the basics before you begin carding Amazon for the best products. But before you decide to card on Amazon, you must first learn how credit card are carded.

The reason why I like the Amazon carding method is that you don’t have to become a hacker.

How to Do Amazon Carding Successfully – Requirements

This section covers all the secrets and requirements to achieve a successful Amazon carding. For the sake of newbies, I’ll briefly explain the major tools required and their functions in this Amazon carding method.

Requirements for Amazon Carding

Live Non-VBV CC

VBV stands for “Verified by Visa.” In the case Amazon carding method, VBV will not work, so the required CC is a non VBV. If you’re wondering what CC means, it merely means credit card. In fact, the entire Amazon hack is centered on a non VBV CC. To get this card, you have to buy it. It is not costly, and it’s everywhere on the black market. If you can purchase the CC from Amazon bin, your luck, but the black market is recommended.

Note: I recommend cc with a minimum of 1.75 lac Limit; below, this will not work. So, just specify this to the dealer, and you’re good.


By now, you must have been familiar with what a VPN is. Every SmartLazyHustler should understand that a VPN is very vital to avoid being tracked. As usual, I recommend using Tor or any premium version of a VPN.

Alternatively, you may use Socks4 or Socks5 to route your IP. This is more technical, though. If you are afraid of the One-Time-Password (OTP), I have provided an article that teaches you how to shop online without OTP.

A Browser

You already know you need a browser, right? But, you still have to read this because it is one of the mistakes people make that voids the Amazon carding method.

Never use a Chrome or Firefox browser. In short, apart from the Tor browser, do not use browsers from Play Store or the Apple Store. These developers have a way of tracking your activities, especially Google browsers. If you need browsers that are not available on Play Store, Microsoft Store, Apple Store, etc., contact ASAP.

An Amazon Account

Those who claim to be hack pros would usually advise you to create a fake Amazon account. Trust me, the moment it is detected, your account will be disabled or limited by Amazon. The only way to create an active Amazon account is to use the CC’s details to create an account. Everything in the account must be found in the CC details.

Other Requirements

  • Your address (you can use a different address to avoid being traced).
  • Zip code
  • You must bear the name on the card

NoteIf you’re ordering Amazon digital items like an ebook, premium software, etc., you do not need a zip code and address because delivery will be done via email. If, in any case, Amazon requests to forward a digital item to the email linked with the CC, choose ‘No.’ Besides, they will not do that.

These are the basic things required to card on Amazon. I’ve explained their functions, and we are now going to see how the Amazon carding method is done for the product to arrive successfully.

Working Amazon Carding Method

1. Create an Amazon Account

Create an account without a VPN and add the CC details to the account immediately. If you skip adding the card now, you may be requested to verify later.

2. Reset Browser

I recommend clearing browser data. Clear browser data by clicking on Settings >> Apps >> (your preferred browser) >> Clear Data.
Remember not to use Chrome because Google is fun of storing your info anonymously. In case of alarm, Google may then ping Amazon, which makes tracking easy.

3. log in to Your Amazon Account

Amazon has bots constantly surfing their website for suspicious activities. In this case, you have to be very careful not to be blacklisted by the bots. For instance, if you intend to card a $200 item, instead of rushing to click and order that item, calm down, and follow this trick.

  • Spend time surfing Amazon.
  • Add some products that you don’t need to cart.
  • Finally, add the product that you want to card. It must not exceed $500, or you’ll be suspected.
  • Log out of your Amazon and clear your browser cache. If you’re using Tor, don’t bother but expect very slow browsing because Tor is built on onion routing.

Note: At this point, you don’t necessarily need your VPN. However, it’s okay to use it for added security.

4. Re-Login to Amazon

After adding items to the cart, you must log in after 4 – 5 hours. Also, you now have to turn on the VPN before placing an order. First, go to the cart and remove all the items you added. Refresh and search for the item you need. Accept the terms and conditions to proceed with the payment.

5. Log Out

Once the order placement is successful, do not log into the Amazon account again. Check your email for the order details, and every other information will be communicated to you via email.

6. Item Delivery

We have a lot of delivery companies, including DHL and FedEx. The best way is to review the courier of your choice. If the security measure of a particular courier or delivery company is high, avoid them. Meanwhile, if the courier opts to call the number associated with the CC, that’s bad news but this does not happen always. If you’re lucky and the courier calls the number with nobody picking up, they will mail you. You can then explain that you lost the number or that it isn’t close-by.

7. Dump the Account

Several gurus keep saying stuff like, “after the first deal, your account will be trusted.” This is not so true in some cases. The best practice is to dump the account to avoid stories later. However, if you feel tempted to use a particular CC more than once, your first order must not exceed $50. Once the first order is successful, CC will remain trusted, and subsequent orders can now be as high as $800.

With all of these followed, you have successfully performed the Amazon carding method. You can now be glad that you know exactly how to do Amazon carding successfully.

Why Amazon Carding Fails

Just like other money hacks, Amazon carding fails, which is due to the following:

  1. Using a dead CC.
  2. Negative CC balance (i.e., insufficient balance).
  3. Dead Bank Identification Number (BIN).
  4. The use of CC VBV (card verified by Visa).
  5. CC has already being used on Amazon.
  6. Compromised Amazon activity.
  7. You missed the instructions above.

Samples of carded Amazon items…

Final Thoughts

This guide drilled you on how to do Amazon carding using simple steps. The Amazon carding method highlighted in this article has 90% chances of working if you follow instructions coupled with luck.
I recommend carding your first item below $50 to avoid being suspected. Also, top gurus have confirmed that creating a fake email and carding a digital product on Amazon works. However, you’ll have to resell the item to someone who needs it at a lesser cost.

Do you know you can make money on PayPal without hiding your identity? I make most of my PayPal money doing this! Again, do you mind trying out shoplifting a very costly item? Over a million people have shoplifted in the last few months.

Have you been able to card your first item on Amazon? Do you have a problem? Let’s know in the comment section.

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