Accredited JUPEB Centres in Nigeria

JUPEB Centres

JUPEB Centres

Accredited JUPEB Centres in Nigeria

To ensure your eligibility to sit for the JUPEB exam and gain admission into 200level, you must be a registered student with any of the accredited JUPEB centres in Nigeria.

First of all, all the universities in Nigeria that accept JUPEB for admission are accredited JUPEB centres. Therefore, you can run your JUPEB programme in these schools.

Examples of universities that fall within this category include and are not limited to: the University of Lagos, University of Ilorin, Obafemi Awolowo Uni, UNN, UNIPORT, UNIZIK and more

However, aside from these universities, there are other accredited private JUPEB centres in Nigeria that are open to candidates for registration. These accredited centres are in various parts of the country.

Students can register in accredited centres in Lagos,  Imo, Delta, Abeokuta, Ilorin, Port Harcourt, Abuja and other parts of the country.

There are a handful of reasons why a prospective candidate might fail to register with affiliated JUPEB universities.

Top of these reasons is that some universities might have stopped admitting students for the programme when students are ready.

However, regardless of the reasons, we would like to inform prospective students that they can register for the JUPEB programme with private centres in Nigeria. These are centres with full accreditation to run the JUPEB programme.

And some of these centres often admit students into late November.

Note, however, that we are emphasising the phrase “accredited private centres.”

This is because not all centres are accredited private centres as fraudsters on the internet, play on students’ intelligence by touting themselves as official JUPEB website to swindle students.

Many websites falsely claim to have affiliation with these accredited JUPEB centres.

Which is why it is a rule of thumb to always ask for the address of such centres. Make sure you visit the location before you make payment of your acceptance fees or school fees.

Having established that, here are the details of accredited JUPEB centres in Lagos.

Accredited Private JUPEB Centres in Lagos

Accredited centres in Lagos are located in Palm Grove, Ikeja,  Ajah, Ikorodu. Students who take JUPEB in any of these centres are can cross into UNILAG or LASU after the JUPEB session.

Therefore, for candidates who wish to take part in this year’s JUPEB and reside in Lagos; you can take advantage of these accredited private centres if you are unable to register with UNILAG or LASU. Register with us now.

Upon completion of your registration, we will post you to one of the JUPEB centres in Lagos with full accreditation. You will undergo a series of lectures for a period of 9 months after which you will write your exams.

Centres in Ibadan with Accreditation.

There are a lot of Accredited Private Jupeb Centres as well, in Ibadan, Nigeria

We wish to inform you that the University of Ibadan does not accept JUPEB Programme. However, other Private Universities accept the programme.

It is worthy to note that hundreds of candidates register with these Universities yearly.

However, when these Universities have enough candidates, they stop admitting them. The only available option will be these Private JUPEB Study Centres available in Nigeria

Accredited JUPEB Study Centres is around Monatan, 7up Bus stop, as well as old Ife road.

When our candidates register with us, we post them to a particular centre in Ibadan.

Note that the JUPEB centre in Ibadan that we post you to is part of accredited JUPEB centres in Nigeria


The first study centre for JUPEB in Ilorin is the University of Ilorin. They accept JUPEB results for admission and also serve the unique purpose of a study centre.

Kwara State University is also another JUPEB study centre in Ilorin.

However, for students who didn’t register with any of these Universities for the JUPEB programme, and wish to still enrol for JUPEB in the state, there are accredited Private JUPEB Centres in Ilorin.

Some of our affiliate study centres for JUPEB in Ilorin are located in Ilorin around Offa Garage, Taiwo Isale and University Road.

Upon registration and selection of Kwara state as your preferred state of study, you will be posted u to any available Centres in Ilorin.


Because the University of Port Harcourt accepts JUPEB as a mode of entry into the University, the programme is very popular in the state.

The school is the first accredited JUPEB Centre in Port Harcourt.

However, those who couldn’t register directly with Port Harcourt still have the opportunity to register for this year’s JUPEB at private centres available in the state.

Private centres with full accreditation, are located along Rumuokoro and elsewhere.


There are several other States with accredited JUPEB Centres in Nigeria. They include: include Enugu, Abeokuta, Abuja, Imo, Delta, Uyo etc.

During the process of registering for JUPEB on our registration portal, all you need to do is fill in the state you would like to have your JUPEB study lectures and exam.

Over the years, there are a lot of students who for one reason or another fail to register with universities. There are other options available to you through private centres.

We must emphasise, however, that the JUPEB programme at private study centres in Nigeria is also the same programme as those of the universities.

Students posted to private JUPEB Study Centres in Nigeria can seek admission into any University of their choice.

This, of course, is after successful completion of their JUPEB Programme, so far the university accepts JUPEB as a means of entry.

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