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WAEC Syllabus for SSCE 2023 [Authentic Version is Out]

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WAEC Syllabus

WAEC Syllabus

WAEC May/June & GCE Syllabus PDF Download: West African Examination Council (WAEC) Senior Secondary Schools (SSCE) (May/June) and Private (GCE) Candidates Subjects e-Syllabus In PDF / Doc For May/June and November/December [GCE] Examination for 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 Session.

The West African Examinations Council is West Africa’s foremost examining board established by law to determine the examinations required in the public interest in English-speaking West African countries, to conduct the examinations, and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally.

Waec Syllabus 2023: This page is strictly created for the Senior secondary school syllabus. We provided this syllabus for those that are willing to participate in the upcoming West African Examination Council (WAEC) either the private examination (first and second series) or the school examination. This syllabus is also useful for a teacher that doesn’t have any idea of what to teach your student.

The Waec Syllabus is a document that outlines everything that will be covered in the examination or class. As a student, Go through the topics and look for different textbooks to read and practice. Also, test your ability or how prepared you are for the examination. Also, This WAEC Syllabus serves as a direct expo of what you are to expect in the coming Senior Secondary Council Examination 2023. It helps you prepare more and as well evaluate yourself before the examination date.

By this mandate, the Council is expected to:

  • Assist in the development of sound education
  • Ensure that educational standards are maintained
  • Give the people of West Africa a vision of the great potential which lies beyond examinations.
The Board has carefully released the Syllabus for all students wishing to sit for their examinations to download in electronic format.

A syllabus is a specially created guide to a course and what will be expected of candidates in the course.

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How to Use WAEC Syllabus 2023

  • The syllabus is available on our website, Also can also get the PDF version of the syllabus.
  • Download the WAEC syllabus for your course of study.
  • Then use a PDF opening application to access it.
  • On each subject you open, you will see the aim, after which are the topics/contents/notes and the Objective
  • Read through the topics/contents/notes and also check the objectives
  • At the end of the syllabus, you will see the recommended textbooks
  • Get any of their recommended textbooks if not all and read
  • Text your ability and how prepared u are using the WAEC Past question and answer.

It includes required texts and a schedule of assignments/work. The syllabus has been a special assistance tool that many people have benefited from. It equips, informs, and prepares candidates ahead of the examination.

This compendium of syllabus has been carefully collated and explicitly designed by subject experts to assist prospective candidates wishing to sit for West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations, WASSCE.

Prospective candidates will find the efforts put together in this volume very rewarding.

NOTE: The syllabus here is for both O-level SSCE and GCE Exams and should be used by candidates sitting for the May/June, Jan/Feb, and November/December exams respectively.

Simply follow the links below to download the WAEC Syllabus for all subjects in PDF format;

(NB: The downloaded syllabus is best viewed on a computer device and Smart Mobile phones) 

WASSCE Syllabus 2023/2024 (Read & Download PDF)

Below are the list of available West African Examination Council Syllabus;

  1. Arabic WAEC Syllabus
  2. Agricultural Science WAEC Syllabus
  3. Animal Husbandry [Alternate A] WAEC Syllabus
  4. Animal Husbandry [Alternate B] WAEC Syllabus]
  5. Applied Electricity or Basic Electricity WAEC Syllabus
  6. Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting WAEC Syllabus
  7. Auto Electrical Works WAEC Syllabus
  8. Auto Mechanical Work WAEC Syllabus
  9. Auto Parts Merchandising WAEC Syllabus
  10. Basketry WAEC Syllabus
  11. Biology WAEC, Syllabus
  12. Block-laying, Bricklaying and Concreting WAEC Syllabus
  13. Book Keeping WAEC Syllabus
  14. Building Construction WAEC Syllabus
  15. Business Management WAEC Syllabus
  16. Carpentry and Joinery WAEC Syllabus
  17. Catering Craft Practice WAEC Syllabus
  18. Ceramics WAEC Syllabus
  19. Chemistry WAEC Syllabus
  20. Christian Religious Studies WAEC Syllabus
  21. Civic Education WAEC Syllabus
  22. Clerical Office Studies WAEC Syllabus
  23. Clothing and Textiles WAEC Syllabus
  24. Commerce WAEC Syllabus
  25. Computer Studies WAEC Syllabus
  26. Cosmetology WAEC Syllabus
  27. Crop Husbandry and Horticulture WAEC Syllabus
  28. Data Processing WAEC Syllabus
  29. Dyeing and Bleaching WAEC Syllabus
  30. Economics WAEC Syllabus
  31. Edo WAEC Syllabus
  32. Efik WAEC Syllabus
  33. Electrical Installation and Maintenance Work WAEC Syllabus
  34. Electronics Basic Electronics WAEC Syllabus
  35. English Language WAEC Syllabus
  36. Financial Accounting WAEC Syllabus
  37. Financial Accounts WAEC Syllabus
  38. Fisheries [Alternate A] WAEC Syllabus
  39. Fisheries [Alternate B] WAEC Syllabus
  40. Food and Nutrition WAEC Syllabus
  41. Forestry WAEC Syllabus
  42. French WAEC Syllabus
  43. Furniture Making WAEC Syllabus
  44. Further Mathematics or Mathematics [Elective] WAEC Syllabus
  45. Garment Making WAEC Syllabus
  46. General Agriculture WAEC Syllabus
  47. General Knowledge in Art WAEC Syllabus
  48. General Mathematics or Mathematics [Core] WAEC Syllabus
  49. Geography WAEC Syllabus
  50. Ghanaian Language WAEC Syllabus
  51. Government WAEC Syllabus
  52. Graphic Design WAEC Syllabus
  53. GSM Phones Maintenance and Repairs WAEC Syllabus
  54. Hausa Language WAEC Syllabus
  55. Health Education or Health Science WAEC Syllabus
  56. History WAEC Syllabus
  57. Home Management WAEC Syllabus
  58. IBIBIO WAEC Syllabus
  59. IGBO WAEC Syllabus
  60. Information and Communication [Core] WAEC Syllabus
  61. Information and Communication [Elective] WAEC Syllabus
  62. Insurance WAEC Syllabus
  63. Integrated Science WAEC Syllabus
  64. Islamic Religious Studies WAEC Syllabus
  65. Jewelry WAEC Syllabus
  66. Leather Goods WAEC Syllabus
  67. Leather Works WAEC Syllabus
  68. Literature in English WAEC Syllabus (***New***)
  69. Machine Woodworking WAEC Syllabus
  70. Marketing WAEC Syllabus
  71. Metal Work WAEC Syllabus
  72. Mining WAEC Syllabus
  73. Music [1] WAEC Syllabus
  74. Music [2] WAEC Syllabus
  75. Office Practice WAEC Syllabus
  76. Painting and Decorating WAEC Syllabus
  77. Photography WAEC Syllabus
  78. Physical Education WAEC Syllabus
  79. Physics WAEC Syllabus
  80. Picture Making WAEC Syllabus
  81. Plumbing and Pipe Fitting WAEC Syllabus
  82. Principles of Cost Accounting WAEC Syllabus
  83. Printing Craft Practice WAEC Syllabus
  84. Radio, Television and Electronics WAEC Syllabus
  85. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning WAEC Syllabus
  86. Salesmanship WAEC Syllabus
  87. Sculpture WAEC Syllabus
  88. Shorthand WAEC Syllabus
  89. Social Studies WAEC Syllabus
  90. Store Keeping WAEC Syllabus
  91. Store Management WAEC Syllabus
  92. Technical Drawing WAEC Syllabus
  93. Textiles WAEC Syllabus
  94. Tourism WAEC Syllabus
  95. Type Writing [1] WAEC Syllabus
  96. Type Writing [2] WAEC Syllabus
  97. Upholstery WAEC Syllabus
  98. Visual Art WAEC Syllabus
  99. Welding and Fabrication Engineering Craft Practice WAEC Syllabus
  100. West African Traditional Religion WAEC Syllabus
  101. Woodwork [Ghana] WAEC Syllabus
  102. Wood Work to I.E.D WAEC Syllabus
  103. Woodwork WAEC Syllabus
  104. Yoruba WAEC Syllabus

ICYMI: All 2022 WASSCE candidates are to also make use of the Harmonized Texts for Languages & Literature (2021 – 2025) in PDF.

Click here to access all WAEC e-Syllabus PDF / Doc Download | May/June & GCE in one Folder.

NOTE: Once the Current Session Syllabus is expired we will upload a new one so kindly bookmark this page, each syllabus s expected to be valid for five years.

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