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Complete JUPEB Visual Art Syllabus For 2023/2024 is Out

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JUPEB Visual Art Syllabus

JUPEB Visual Art Syllabus

Would you like to know the exact topics where all your JUPEB Visual Art questions will come from?

In this Library,

You will see the recommended topics for you to read in the JUPEB syllabus for Visual Art and download the PDF version of this syllabus FREE OF CHARGE.

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Take note.

JUPEB Visual Art syllabus PDF and text is broken into two semesters with two broad courses each.





See the JUPEB Visual Art syllabus

The PDF version of this syllabus is available for your free download at the bottom of this Library.

VSA 001 — Arts History

  1. Arts Movement
  • Renaissance art of Europe, abstract expressionism, surrealism, cubism, abstraction, pop art, minimal art, conceptual art, expressionism issue-based art and globalization
  1. Nubian and Egyptian Arts
  • Characterization of Nubian and Egyptian arts
  1. African Arts of the Subsaharan Region
  • Masking traditions, classical sculptures from Nigeria, Nok, Igboukwu, Ife, Benin, Tsoede, Owó, and other artistic traditions
  1. Art Personalities across the Globe
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Paul Cezanne
  • Bruce Onobrakpeya
  • Yussuff Grillo
  • Malangatana Valente
  • David Koloane
  • El Salahi
  • Skunder Boghosian

VSA 002 — Two Dimensional Design

  1. Painting
  • Landscape and seascape
  • Figure studies
  • Still-life
  • Portraits
  1. Drawing
  • General drawing from nature
  • Still-life and imaginative composition
  1. Textile
  • Tools and materials associated with basic textiles
  • Use of colour and principles of design
  • Basic design for textile production
  • Practical exercises in selected areas such as textile design, Resist and dyeing, Printing and painting, Construction and alternative media, Fashion design and accessories, body adornment, costume and set design
  • Socio-cultural significance of cloth in Africa
  • Textile tradition in Africa such as:
    • Nigeria — Sanyan, Akwete, Kijipa
    • Ghana — Etu, Kente
    • Mali — Kanga and Mud cloth
  • Selected textile production centres such as Asoke weaving in Southwestern Nigeria, cloth dyeing in Kano
  1. Graphics, Photography, Printmaking
  • Printing methods
  • Photography techniques
  • Graphic art and design

VSA 003 — Three Dimensional Design

  1. Sculpture
  • Materials and methods in sculpture
  • Modelling simple forms and relief sculpture
  • Studies in sculpture in the round
  • Casting technique in sculpture
  • Metal assemblage
  1. Ceramics
  • Methods of using clay for hand building, slip casting, slab building, and wheel throwing technique
  • Drying and firing
  • Use of slip and oxides for decorating and painting
  • Glazing and firing techniques

VSA 004 — The Decorative Arts and Other Craft Traditions

  1. Jewelry Making
  • Materials and methods
  • Bead stringing
  • Wirework
  1. Simple Casting
  • Simple casting procedure, cire perdue, centrifugal casting, cuttlefish casting, sand casting techniques
  1. Indigenous Materials
  • Stones, bones, shells, wood, buttons, paper, and fabrics
  1. Crafts
  • Basket weaving, paper mache art, and wirework

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