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2022 Cambridge IGCSE Centres In Nigeria & All You Need To Know Now Available

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IGCSE Centres

IGCSE Centres


Cambridge IGCSE A level is a world-acclaimed classic route to Universities around the world- especially in the United Kingdom. In Nigeria, it is recognized as an Ivy League qualification for direct admission into the 200 level in all universities. It is equally endorsed and recognized by the best universities around the world.

The key features of the A level programme are:

  • The 2-year A – level programme – divided into two segments each held for a complete academic year.
  • The fast track accelerated 1 – year A level programme – designed for brilliant and hard-working students who possess the capability to compress the entire two-year syllabus into a single academic year.
  • Focused study of three or four subjects.
  • Entry requirements are a minimum of five credits at either SSCE or NECO (including Mathematics and English)
  • Start dates are September and January of each year.

The A level exam is conducted by the University of Cambridge Examination Board and moderated in Nigeria by the British Council.

Generally, it is considered of immense benefit for students to go through the A level programme before proceeding to the University. This is because the programme strengthens the students academically to enable them to face the rigours of university education, especially in courses such as Medicine, Engineering and Law. The programme also offers a good link between University and Secondary school in terms of imbibing useful learning techniques and time management.


This Cambridge IGCSE 2 year Curriculum is divided into 2 segments – The first year of study is called the Advanced subsidiary level while the second year of study is called the Advanced level.

This programme is widely acclaimed as the better option to give students a solid foundation preparatory to entry into the University.


The fast-track 1 year A level course is designed for brilliant students who are able and willing to study hard and complete the entire A level curriculum in one academic year.

Lagos Cambridge School A level programme helps our students achieve the grades they require to study in leading universities around the world. We strive to ensure our students get the best teaching and guidance tailored to their areas of academic interest.

How Cambridge IGCSE A level grade point is calculated in Nigeria

The Cambridge International A Level is reported on a graded scale from A* (highest) to E (minimum required performance). A* and A grade is 5 point, B grade is 4 point, C grade is 3 point, D grade is 2 point, and E grade is 1 point. For example, UI does take 15 – 16 points for Medicine and Surgery, all you have to do is to have AAA in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. If you want to study engineering courses, you have to have 14 – 16 points (AAA*/ AAA / AAB / ABB). It is also important that you have good O level results (WASSCE, NECO, IGCSE O level) before you can start the course with any accredited centres in Nigeria.

For a student that had Physics (A), Chemistry (A) and Biology (A), since A is 5 points you already have 15 points, interestingly there is an additional 1 point for not having U (ungraded), so this makes the point 16 points. In a nutshell, a student with AAA has 16 points. This point is enough to study any course of your choice in any University in Nigeria.

To achieve AAA or AAA* isn’t difficult provided you attend a good accredited Cambridge International A level centers in Nigeria for the course. It isn’t a difficult task, all you have to do is to be focus, determine, and hardworking. And you will wake up to see yourself having AAA*.

List of Cambridge IGCSE A level Centres in Nigeria

All the centres listed below are a good place you can take your child to and there is a guarantee of success for him or her in Cambridge International Examination (CIE) A level.

  1. The Educational Advancement Centre (EAC), is located at No. 45, Awolowo Avenue, Old Bodija, Ibadan, Nigeria. I was a former CIE Physics tutor in EAC and I can say it is one of the best Cambridge A level Centres in Ibadan
  2. Global Cambridge College. Admission is currently ongoing at Global Cambridge College Ibadan.To apply visit this link https://globalcambridgecollege.com/
  3. Oritamefa Baptist Model School, Ibadan
  4. Bridge House College, Lagos: To register your child at Bridge House College Lagos, visit this link https://www.bridgehousecollege.com/
  5. Nickdel College, Ibadan
  6. Vale College, Ibadan
  7. Lifeforte International School, Ibadan
  8. International School Ibadan, at University of Ibadan
  9. British Council Schools Network
  10. Oxbridge Tutorial College
  11. D-Ivy College
  12. Loral International Schools
  13. Westminster College Lagos
  14. SunRise Academy
  15.  Brainfield Academy
  16. Ascending College
  17. Brain Builders Academy
  18. Albesta Academy

You can search for more centres in Nigeria depending on your location but most of the centres listed above provide boarding facilities.

If you need material to help you prepare for CIE A level physics, kindly Click here

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