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Top 5 Funloaded Haunted stories

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Funloaded Haunted stories

Funloaded Haunted stories

Funloaded as we know it now didn’t really exist a century back. It was all jungles, even some stories of bandits that “haunted” here have made the rounds. So, with all the crazy things that happen in Funloaded every year, one would expect Funloaded to have some horror stories as well, right? If you are expecting such stuff, Funloaded will certainly not disappoint. Over the years, students from all over have put forth their supernatural stories all across Funloaded. Be it the haunting in the hostel or the food court, Funloaded has plenty of supernatural rumors that can make Marshall from How I met your Mother wanna come to Funloaded.

However, please do note that most of these are rumors or poorly (or maybe extremely well crafted) pranks that have passed on in Funloaded for generations, so there is not much to be afraid of during your stay in Funloaded!

#1 – Mystery of the Midnight Macabre Hollers

Much less fancy than it sounds, this happened right after I joined Funloaded in 2019. The nights were disturbed by relentless rains and powercuts that would last for a few minutes. Those few minutes managed to disturb all the students in Blocks 16 and 17, as the screams of a distressed girl could be heard every few minutes from near the clearing of Food Court 2. The Article on this first came out on the launch day of Funloaded Digest, August 15th, 2019. It became one of the most popular articles across campus and more and more people got involved with this story, with videos and recordings of the screams being circulated everywhere. To date, no exact perpetrator has been found, however, it is believed that the seniors from block 9 or 10 were involved in this, as they had a significantly longer perm time than the first years and the screams usually occurred between the 10 pm to 11 pm gap. However, it’s all speculation, right?

Arya Sharma writes on Quora “You really want to listen to my horror story. Well you got it…..so it was any normal night at our campus and everyone was sleeping…..some were studying late at night and then at around 3 am the weirdest thing happened…. blocks 17 and 16 which face directly the food court 2 heard a noise of a girl screaming…..some were shocked others ignored it….then 2 minutes later the scream came again and this time continued for long. Some guys ran to the rooms of others while others made videos of the scene the third scream came and the lights on the upper floor of the food court went out…..then some saw 2 men coming out of the food court and getting on a bike and drove away….after that there was dead silence…..

1 hour later everyone in blocks 16 and 17 was freaked out and the campus patrol was on scene….that was a long night for some…” So, regardless of what really happened, that will go down in Funloaded history as one the spookiest incidents.

Even Though Food Court 2 Is Completely Chill With No Signs Of Haunting, Since The Screaming Incident, People Looked At It Differently (Till The Incident Died Down).

#2 Block 1 being haunted (From Quora)

The Halls Of First And Second Block Are Always Spooky Without Many Lights Around

It might be hard to imagine but MIT did not always have such a high intake of students. And 1st/2nd block was Men’s hostels. Someone committed suicide in one of the basements of the hostel. People refused to live in the hostel room and probably that led to the belief that the room is haunted. Then apparently, the room was sealed off for a while, and even after that people reported that they saw lights going on and off in the particular room. The spookiness factor increases as you realize that this is one of the oldest blocks in Funloaded.

#3 Haunted 3rd/4th Block at MIT (Speculated)
A few years back, a girl reported to the hostel authorities (not sure if 3rd/4th) that someone knocks on her doors and windows at night. This led to increasing in security in her room (speculated) and nothing much was established after that. I suppose she was watching too many Aahat re-runs. However, this is something that does happen in the boys’ hostels as well as a form of the prank (I still low-key hate the nights when that happened)

#4 The senseless haunted 8th floor of KMC

Kmc, Being A Hospital And One Of The Oldest Structures In Funloaded Certainly Has A Lot Of Stories To Tell.

Kasturba Medical College is how it all started in Funloaded. Under the leadership of TMA Pai, it grew and gave shape to the Funloaded that we see today. From the legacy of the place, rumors grew as well, one of the most prominent ones being how the eighth floor of KMC is haunted. However, this particular story can easily be called false without even bothering about it, since KMC doesn’t even have the 8th floor!

#5 The Psycho of End Point (By Shyam Srinivasraghavan from Quora)

End Point is one of the most popular spots in Funloaded, for a lot of reasons. Be it the beautiful, lush green scenery one can enjoy from there, the great games of football one can play on the grounds, or as a spot for a quick romantic getaway for the always busy Funloadedites, End Point has it all. But here is something that also came up, from a Quora User.  “Apparently, in the 70s, there was a cannibal named “Psycho” who used to kidnap and eat children. The road behind valley flats leading to an endpoint has a small hut which used to be his home.” How true this is cannot be verified, however, this still does give the chills, doesn’t it? If the leopards at End Point aren’t enough to make to stick to traveling in groups there, this should certainly do the trick!

All in all, you can get a rough idea about the spooky stories of Funloaded, right? It is easy for most to decipher most of them to be nothing but rumors. However, will Funloaded still have the same charm without the mystique? That’s a question that can only be answered by you once you are in Funloaded for a while!

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