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JAMB 2020 Mock Exam – Live Updates!

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This is the LIVE UPDATES thread for the JAMB 2020 Mock Exam. This thread will help us monitor the happenings at the various centres nationwide and serve as a means of providing updates to candidates who do not have the opportunity to write the mock.

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This thread will also help candidates learn a few things that may be vital on the actual exam day that starts March 14th.

We, therefore, advise candidates to check this thread every minute and view the latest comments and updates on the 2020 JAMB Mock Exam.

Remember the Mock exam is designed to help JAMB test their Systems, it’s also an opportunity for JAMB candidates to have first-hand knowledge of any new technology that JAMB may have put in place for the 2020 UTME.

JAMB 2020 Mock Exam - Live Updates!

Candidates taking the mock exam are urged to use the comment section to update us every inch of the way. Let us know when you get to your center, delays, and problems experienced as well as any other occurrence worthy of note.

If you wish to take pictures of anything happening at the center, you can do that and attach a copy in the comment section as evidence.

Please let us know the State and Centre you are reporting from so that any JAMB official looking at this thread can take note.

Remember that mobile phones are not allowed into the hall, so don’t use the excuse of providing updates to take your phones into the hall. You can share your experiences after the exam.

While in the hall, please take note of everything;

1. Check if there are actually CCTV Cameras
2. Check if the systems are special in any way
3. When you log in to take an exam, check how the CBT environment is laid out.
4. Where is the time Located, Where are your Subject Navigation Located, Where are the Question Numbers Located, e.t.c.
5. Check if you can use both Keyboard and Mouse
6. Check the time given for the exam
7. Check the number of questions given.

Ensure you keep your items safe! Your phones, bags, money e.t.c. Please note that not everyone, who comes to the hall came for just the exam. Some people are just natural thieves. They steal at every opportunity.

For those who won’t be taking part in the mock, and would like to have some experience of the JAMB CBT Exam, we advise you Prepare yourself well for the forthcoming 2020 JAMB EXAM By Subscribing to our EXAM Database Here now. you definitely won’t regret it.

Just update us as much as you can, and we will appreciate every bit of information you pass across. We will create a thread for you to share detailed experiences after the mock.


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