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JUPEB Exam Guidelines | Instructions & Penalties for 2023 Misconduct Examination

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JUPEB Exam Guidelines

JUPEB Exam Guidelines

JUPEB Exam Guidelines on the Conduct of 2023 JUPEB Examinations, Read JUPEB Instructions, Sanctions / Penalties for Exam Misconduct to all Candidates On The Conduct Of Examinations.

Following the announcement of the 2022 JUPEB Examination Dates and the release of the 2023 JUPEB Examination timetable, the Board has published the examination guidelines on the conduct of the 2023 JUPEB examinations.

The JUPEB Exam Guidelines manual contains instructions, sanctions, and penalties to be meted out to candidates defaulting during the conduct of the exam scheduled to commence in September 2023

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JUPEB Exam Guidelines Instructions to Candidates On The Conduct Of Examinations


  1. Candidates must be seated in the Examination room/hall at least 15 minutes before the commencement of Examinations.
  2. Candidates will not be allowed to leave the hall during the Examinations unless escorted by an Examinations Official.
  3. Candidates must come with their own writing materials to the Examination hall.
  4. All rough work must be done in the answer booklets and crossed out neatly.
  5. Communication between and among candidates is strictly forbidden.
  6. Candidates who need the attention of the Invigilator should signal by raising their hand.
  7. 7. Candidates are to write legibly. The answers to each Question number should start on a new page.
  8. Each candidate must ensure that he/she signs the Attendance Register at the commencement of the Examination and at the end of the paper when submitting his/her answer script to the Invigilator.
  9. Candidates must ensure that they write legibly, at the appropriate places on the front cover of their booklets, their Examination Numbers, and indicate the questions numbers answered. Candidates should write their examination number on every page of the answer booklet.
  10. Candidates are advised to read the instructions on the Questions papers as well as all the instructions on the Answer Booklet as failure to adhere to these instructions may affect your result.
  11. Mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are not allowed in the examination room/hall. Any phone or electronic gadget seized in the examination hall will be forfeited by the candidate to the Board.

The following prescribed penalties will be imposed on anyone involved in any of the following acts of misconduct. No plea will be entertained.

B. JUPEB Guidelines for the Conduct of 2022 Examination for Candidates (VIDEO)


JUPEB Exam Guidelines

JUPEB Exam Guidelines

JUPEB Exam Guidelines

JUPEB Exam Guidelines

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