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NECO Biology Expo | NECO Biology Runs 2021 Now Available

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NECO Biology Expo | NECO Biology Runs 2021 Now Available

How to Get the correct 2021 NECO Biology Expo Answers, the best legit source for your NECO Biology correct answer here.

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You will also understand how NECO Biology questions are set and how to answer them. The National Examinations Council is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January respectively.

I will show you the best way to answer NECO Biology Essay & Objective questions correctly and make a good result in your SSCE examination.

You need to understand the NECO Biology Answer marking scheme before attempting any question so as to present your answers in such a way that it will look attractive to the examiner to earn you big marks, Bear in mind that every single procedure is awarded marks. Check out Physics Practical Solution here.


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(i) To search for food.
(ii) Escape predators.
(iii) Find mates for reproduction.
(iv) To disperse/reduce competition/overcrowding by moving to new locations.

Phloem: Responsible for the transportation of enzymes/hormones.

Leaf: is used for photosynthesis

Xylem; is to transport water from roots to stems and leave

Flower; is for reproduction in plant

(i)Low water requirements
(ii)No leaves or small number of leaves
(iii)Possession of thorn or needles

(i)it provides new cells for growth
(ii)for replacement of worn-out cells

An image is formed on the retina with light rays converging most at the cornea and upon entering and exiting the lens. Rays from the top and bottom of the object are traced and produce an inverted real image on the retina. The distance to the object is drawn smaller than scale.

(i)Evidences from Palaeontology
(ii)Evidences from Comparative Morphology

(iii)Evidences from taxonomy

(i)Eye lids

Excretion is the removal of waste products of metabolism which are harmful or would in time interfere with the normal functions of the organisms

Competition is an interaction between a number of the organisms of the same or different species for resources in limited supply such as food, water , space and light

Deforestation is the extensive cutting down of trees for the purpose of either farming it firewood or mining thereby exposing the top soil to agents of erosion


(iii)Dehydration or drying of foods


(i) Meiosis : four daughter cells
(ii) Mitosis: two identical daughter cells

(i)It reduces the risk of diseases from parents to offsprings
(ii)It create diversity and variation among populations

The relationship is known as commensalism in which the remora fish gains while he shark neither gain nor loose. In this case, the remora fish attach itself to the shark which transport it round the water protecting it form predators and it also obtain it’s food through the process. The shark on the other hand neither gain or loose.

(i)High fever
(ii)Sore throat
(iii)dry cough

It carries filtered blood from the kidney’s to the posterior vena cava

Ecological niche: This is the exact position by an organism in a particular habitat

Population density: This can be defined as the total number of organism per unit area of the habitat


Climax community: This is established when a stable or unchanging community is attained, thus the community is in equilibrium with the environment

Aestivation is the mode of arrangement of sepals or petals in the floral bud with respect to the other members of the same whorl.

(i)Nose for smelling
(ii)Eyes for seeing
(iii)Tongue for tasting
(iv)Ear for hearing

When a person spin around rapidly, that liquid in the inner ear spins as well. When the person stops spinning the liquid keeps moving for a bit, confusing your brain into thinking that the person is still spinning even when the person is standing still and that causes the feeling dizziness after spinning around the stationary object.

Neuron; transmit information to other nerve cells, muscle, or gland cells.

cerebrum; initiates and coordinates movement and regulates temperature

Mendulla Oblongata; passes messages between your spinal cord and brain.

cerebellum; coordinates voluntary movements

(i)tropic the effect is more or less permanent while Nastic movements are temporary and reversible.

(ii)Stimuli for the tropic movements are unidirectional and never diffuse while The stimuli for the Nastic movements may be unidirection or diffuse.

(iii)Movement in tropic movements is directional while Nastic movements is non directional

(i)Contains chlorophyll Absorbs light

(ii)Stomata Allows carbon dioxide to move by diffusion into the leaf

(iii)Guard cells To open and close the stomata depending on the conditions

Courtship behavior in Agama Lizard
(i) A sexually active male lizard is large, brightly coloured/with an orange/blue head
(ii) female lizard is smaller and less colourful/brown with green markings
(iii) dominant male lizard defends its territory
(iv) by driving away/fighting off/lashing other males with its tail
(v) male displays its full colours in front of female
(vi) female responds by arching her back and lifting her tail vertically
(vii) male tries to catch her
(viii) female usually runs away
(ix) when caught mating may take place.

2)red-green color blindness
3)congenital night blindness
4)high blood pressure genes, 5)Duchenne muscular dystrophy
6)Fragile X syndrome.

It belongs to class-Insecta.
They contain 3 pair of legs.
Body divided into head,thorax and abdomen.
They contain sensory organ called antenna.
They bear 2 pair of wings.
Their body is covered with a protective layer called as cuticle.

i)It belongs to class-arachnid
ii)They contain 4 pair of legs.
iii)Body divided into 2 parts- Prosoma and opisthosoma.
iv)They lack antenna.
v)They don’t possess wings.
vi)They lack cuticle in their body.



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2021 NECO Biology Essay & Objective

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