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NECO Computer Studies Practical Answer – 2021 Expo Now Available

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NECO Computer Studies Practical Answer – 2021 Expo Now Available

Welcome to the best and legit NECO Computer Studies Questions and Answers Expo runz for the 2021/2022 Academic Session, Many SSCE candidates find it difficult to answer the NECO Computer Studies correctly due to not understanding the questions.

I will show you the best way to answer NECO Computer Studies Practical questions correctly and make a good result in your SSCE examination.

You need to understand the NECO Computer Studies Specimen marking scheme before attempting any question so as to present your answers in such a way that it will look attractive to the examiner to earn you big marks, Bear in mind that every single procedure is awarded marks. Check out Physics Practical Solution here.

According to the NECO Exam Timetable, the Computer Studies Practical has been scheduled to take place on Monday 26th July, 2021 from 10:00 am to 1pm. Receive the correct NECO Computer Studies Practical Expo 2021, NECO Computer Studies Practical Expo Answers 2021 midnight before your exam.

NECO Computer Studies Practical Expo Runz

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(A) The school authority/administrator is expected to provide the following facilities in readiness for the 2021 SSCE NECO internal examination for the candidates

(1) A well-ventilated computer laboratory/room to accommodate a sizeable number of students at once.

(2)standby generator with capacity to power all the systems (Maximum 3.5KVA).

(3)installation of application packages like Microsoft Word, Spreadsheet (Excel), Microsoft Access, and CorelDraw.

(4)A reasonable number of printers to go round the candidates

(5)UPS (uninterrupted Power Supply)


(1)Hard Drive = 160GB – 320GB
(2) RAM = 3G
(3) Processor = pentium Chip
(4) Processor Speed = 2.5 MHz at least
(5)Operating system = windows
(6)USB ports = 2 to 6

(i) The maximum number of shifts must be three. provide the number of computer systems for the candidates in conformity with the number of shifts. For example, a school that has 120 candidates should have 120/3 = 40 computer systems.

(ii)In a school where the number of computer systems cannot go round, candidates are allowed to use their personal systems (Laptops) provided all required packages are installed.

(iii)Each candidate is expected to print out his /her hardcopy for submission to the supervisor at the examination center.

(iv) Where a candidate encounters any problem with the system, the teacher is to guide the candidate, but not to operate the system for the candidate.

(v)No contents of the candidate’s work should be the same.

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