WAEC Marking Scheme For Mathematics 2022/2023

How Is Waec Percentage Calculated For Mathematics 2022/2023 Academic Session?

Waec marking scheme for mathematics: If you are a candidate who is asking about how WAEC Mathematics examinations are marked and graded? See the latest WAEC marking scheme here for Mathematics.

Many Candidates are scared while some are not, If you are a student and you are thinking of how to score A1, and B2  or probably escape by passing Mathematics, then you need to understand how WAEC examiners mark their papers.

The fact is that as a candidate who is writing the 2022 Waec Exam, you are to be aware of the Waec marking scheme for mathematics in other for you to be prepared on how to tackle and answer their questions. In case you are looking for the 2022 Waec Mathematics syllabus kindly check here.


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The fact is that marks are subdivided into three categories which are

  • Method (M)
  •  Accuracy (A)
  • Independent accuracy marks not preceded by M mark (B)

The M mark is given for a particular stage if the method used is correct. That is if correctly done without numerical errors yielding the right answer. M marks are not subdivided and unless the M marks for a stage have been awarded no A marks can be gained for that stage

  • Examiners will deduct 2 marks if you misread and present the data given falsely.
  • Examiners will deduct 1 mark for an answer not given to the accuracy asked for.
  • Deductions under iii and iv above shall not be more than once on each occasion in one question
  • 1 mark is deductible for premature approximations that do not considerably simplify the subsequent work.
  • Deductions can only be made from A or B marks and not from M marks.
  • Examiners will give zero for results obtained from work they cannot decipher or which is wholly suppressed and 1 mark is deductible for the omission of an essential working.
  • Once a correct answer is stated examiners will ignore any further workings beyond that stage.
  • For geometric proofs, 1 mark is deductible for the omission of an essential reason or for a wrong reason given. But this should not be more than once in a question.
  • 1 mark is to be deducted for the omission of units or for wrong units. But this should not be more than once in a question.
  • If a single question is attempted on more than one occasion the mark for the best attempt is to be awarded to the student.SOS (see other solutions) shall be written against the others.
  • If more questions are attempted then the rubric allows the lowest marks per those extra questions will be deleted. MQA ANSWERED will be indicated by the examiner to indicate he was aware while marking.
  • Unless otherwise stated, equivalent methods not specified in the will be accepted and given appropriate marks.
    The final total is 100 marks and will be rounded upwards to the nearest whole number.

Actually, early preparation is the key to success, Easy step-by-step on how to pass your Waec is already published here. Let continue with How do Waec mark mathematics?

  • Do you know that to get an A in WAEC 2022 Mathematics, you need to score above 75% in the Exam?
  • Do you know that if you are given 50 questions in your mathematics subject and you answer 37 questions you answered so well?
  • Do you know WAEC mathematics comprises 50 objectives and 13 theory questions?

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How is the 2022 Waec Mathematics Percentage Calculated?

For you to have A, B, or C, in your upcoming coming Waec 2021 then you need to follow these simple steps, Wassce mathematics comprises 50 objective questions and 13 theory questions. The theory questions are divided into parts I and Part II.

You are to answer ten questions in mathematics theory; all the questions in Part I and five questions in Part II.

The objective questions take 40% of the total mark while the theory makes the remaining 60%. Therefore, for you to score A, you must answer 40 correct questions in the objective and at least 8 in theory.

Calculate how many marks you are very sure of, then divide by the total marks the question carry and multiply by 100%

For Example, you are required to answer five questions in the theory questions, Each question carries 20mark

Let say, for instance,  you are able to answer 5 questions and you are sure of 18 marks out of a total of 20 marks for each question

The Total marks you are sure of is 18 x 5 = 90

The total number of marks you can get is 20 x 5 = 100

Your Percentage score is (90/100) x 100% = 90% = A1

This is to inform all Waec candidates about How Is Waec Percentage Calculated For Mathematics? and the Waec Marking Scheme For Mathematics

If you have any questions to ask based on this Waec marking scheme for mathematics, How do Waec mark mathematics? Waec Marking Scheme For Mathematics PDF kindly asks us by dropping a comment in our comment box below…

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