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How to receive money on Zelle, the digital payment app, whether you already have an account or not

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You can receive money on Zelle no matter which banking service you have all you need is the Zelle app.

It's easy to receive money transfers with Zelle's digital payment service.
  • Zelle is a service that facilitates money transfers between US bank users.
  • If you bank with a smaller institution that isn’t partnered with Zelle, you can still use the service for money transfers.
  • You’ll need an email or mobile number and debit card to receive your Zelle transfer.
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Zelle is a service that offers a free, easy, and secure way to send and receive money with others.

Although the service is seamlessly integrated as a money transfer service provider into many big-name financial institutions, if you use a more obscure bank or credit union, fret not all you need is an email address or mobile phone number to take advantage of Zelle, regardless of who you bank with.

Here’s how you can get started receiving money through Zelle in a few simple steps.

1. If someone sent you money through Zelle, you’ll receive an email or text notification about the payment.

2. Click on the link in the email or text.

” alt=”You’ll receive an email notification from Zelle with information and further instructions about the money transfer.” width=”790″ height=”1711″ data-original=”https://ocdn.eu/pulscms-transforms/1/GVaktkuTURBXy8yMTg4YTZhNC1jMDZkLTRiODItYTJmOS0xN2MxMjMwZjQ1ZGIuanBlZ5GVAs0DFs0Gr8LD” />

3. Download and the Zelle app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (if you haven’t already), and click “Get started.”

” alt=”Download the Zelle app, as seen in the Apple App Store.” width=”790″ height=”1711″ data-original=”https://ocdn.eu/pulscms-transforms/1/8SxktkuTURBXy9mYjAzMTg2YS0yOTg1LTRjZTItYTdmNy1mMzJlZmI3MzgwM2IuanBlZ5GVAs0DFs0Gr8LD” />

4. Enter your mobile number or email, depending on how the transfer was sent, and select “Continue.”

5. Check the box regarding your data and privacy, then tap “Continue.”

6. On the “Find Your Bank” screen, search for your bank. If the institution that you bank with is listed, you’ll be redirected to complete the transfer on your bank’s website.

” alt=”If a provider you bank with, like Wells Fargo, is already a partner with Zelle, you’ll be redirected to their website to complete your retrieval of the transfer.” width=”790″ height=”1711″ data-original=”https://ocdn.eu/pulscms-transforms/1/u-GktkuTURBXy8wNWJlM2IyZC1iYzMxLTQ4YjEtODY4Mi03N2U2ZDc0OGRjYmIuanBlZ5GVAs0DFs0Gr8LD” />

7. If you don’t see your bank listed, tap “Don’t see your bank?”

” alt=”Smaller banks, like the online-based Simple, aren’t already integrated with Zelle.” width=”790″ height=”1711″ data-original=”https://ocdn.eu/pulscms-transforms/1/mqcktkuTURBXy84Njg0NzE4YS0xMjE3LTQ4OWItOGNmMS0wYjI0Mzg0YTk2NWMuanBlZ5GVAs0DFs0Gr8LD” />

8. Enter a Visa or Mastercard debit card on the “Add Debit Card” screen and tap “Continue.”

” alt=”Make sure you have a debit card on hand if your bank isn’t listed in the Zelle app.” width=”790″ height=”1711″ data-original=”https://ocdn.eu/pulscms-transforms/1/jeWktkuTURBXy8zZTRlNjNjMi1kYTM4LTQxMWItYmIzMS01MDY0ODBkNTIyYjEuanBlZ5GVAs0DFs0Gr8LD” />

9. Add your billing address on the next screen and click “Continue.”

You’re all set to receive the Zelle transfer, and any future transfers via Zelle, from here on out.

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