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How I Sell Pictures of Myself For Money Pros & Cons

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How I Sell Pictures

How I Sell Pictures

When you are broke and need some cash, you’d have to look up innovative ways to make money. Selling pictures of yourself for money is an effortless yet effective way to earn some dollars.

In this article, I will show you how I sell pictures of myself for money. I will also enlighten you on how to get paid for pictures of your body.

I think this concerns the ladies more, but as a guy, you can also take advantage and cash out from this method I will share. So I will show you how I do sell pictures of myself for money, then show you some other ways on how to make money teaching your body online.

If you don’t have the balls to become a Yahoo Girl, you can try this. Frankly, these methods I will share here will be slightly related to making money as an attractive femaleJust that in this method, you don’t need to be beautiful.

As long as you feel confident showing off your body, then you stand a good chance of making money with your body or pictures online. It is purely legal, so no chance of you getting assaulted or arrested for fraud.

Let’s look at the simple ways to get paid for pictures of your body as a girl or a guy.

Pros on I Sell Pictures of Myself for Money

First of all, it would involve a little bit of nudity. So if you aren’t comfortable expressing your full body self in pictures, you can slowly forget about the other aspect of this article. So let’s straight into the ways to make money showing your body online.

Explicit Websites

This is one of the best places I sell pictures of myself for money. Since I am a guy, I work in collaboration with several girls to send me their photographs – maybe noodes or regular images. I look for an explicit website and sell them the pictures.

In most cases, when they require a face to come with the picture, I will do some photoshopping to protect the identity of the girls involved. I will look for another image and add the face of the girl to the existing picture that I collected from my girl.

I put it together, and it forms a clear picture; then, I go ahead to post it on the platform and collect money from people who want to view it.

My favorite website is EuroChatRoom (you can check the website online). You can also do videos and put them up there; you will love the site if you are a girl.

Sell on Premium Snapchat

Another place I sell pictures of myself for money – even though not directly is on social media. There is no better place to get paid for pictures of your body than posting them on social media.

Do you know that Snapchat has a premium version, where people can join after paying to view your pictures and videos? If you have no idea, quickly hurry and open up your premium profile. You can see how to start your premium Snapchat and start making money

You can put a price that they can pay before they can access your content, which includes pictures and videos.

There are lots of Hory guys out there, so people would pay to have a look at what you offer with the pictures of your body.

get paid for pictures of your body

Hustling through Snapchat

Sell on Facebook

In some cases, you can also decide to sell on Facebook. It is straightforward to make money showing your body via Facebook.

All it requires is just creating a closed group and promoting the group. Anybody willing to join must pay a certain amount of money before they enter the group. After a month, they will renew their subscription or be kicked out of the group.

Since you control the group, people would want to comply or miss out on being entertained with your pictures.

Remember that you will need to create a new Facebook account that can’t be blocked. If not, Mark Zuckerberg will send your account packing, and you will lose all your hard work.

To make it more interesting, you can ask them – “what picture pose would you want to see today?”

If they drop suggestions, you can go ahead and satisfy their wants and keep them happy.

Sell on WhatsApp Group

It is effortless to make money showing your body online via WhatsApp. I also used this to sell pictures of myself for money.

I worked alongside a partner, and we executed it correctly, and it was lucrative.

If you are a guy and wish to try this, you can follow in my footsteps and do exactly what I did.

  • I opened a new WhatsApp profile with a unique number so that my primary contacts can’t see what I am doing;
  • Then I start sharing my contacts on WhatsApp groups allowing guys to add me
  • After that, I start posting about my “Picture Sharing Group” on my WhatsApp status
  • Once they declare an interest, I will add them to the group and wait for many more members.
  • As soon as I get the number I need, I will show them a demo and tell them that they need to pay to enjoy me for a full month.

The idea behind this is to make sure that the amount is quite small so that everyone can afford the amount.

Sell to Yahoo Boys

So finally, this is also one of the ways to get paid for pictures of your body. Yahoo boys are popularly known as “Nigerian Prince” who uses several methods to get money from white folks.

These guys need a lot of pictures (both n**ed and normal) to convince their clients that they are real. In doing so, they will need a lot of pictures to carry this out.

When you meet some foreign clients, they get hot and would want to ssX chat with you. In such a situation, you will need to find neeedd pictures of beautiful girls and show them.

This is where you come in as a girl who wants to get paid for showing her pictures. When you have such images, you can easily send them your photos and make sure you collect your money.

I also buy such pictures, so if you have one, you can equally sell them to me.

If you need help with finding guys to buy your pictures, then you can contact me to help you.


So, these are the ways I use to sell pictures of myself for money. If you have morals and can’t go n*sty, then you can go ahead and look for other lucrative internet hustles. You can get lucky with salt before you sell your photos for money.

If you know you got the balls to run this race, then go ahead and make money with your pictures. Whichever option you choose, it should be best for you.

Till I hit you up with another hustling article, make sure you keep hustling!

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