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SSNPHISHER – Take Legit Loan With Clients SSN

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The best way on how to use SSNPHISHER – Take Legit Loan With Clients SSN



Welcome to Funloaded, For the past few months, I’ve shared a Link about Ssnphisher, I’ve gotten a lot of comments from followers bidding me to write a post or make a video on How to use Ssnphisher. So I’ve decided to make this post in order to help you understand exactly how this tool works.

Having You Here simply means You are a hustler or You wanna Join the Hustling Group.

What we do here is teach you how to make money easily. Not just by doing the usual Yahoo (Dating Formula) but with every other method such as Hacking, Spamming, or Phishing. Which on the other hand are the easiest way to earn real Cash without stress and with less risk.

The major challenge using these methods is the fact that you need one tool or the other to get work done and most of the time these tools aren’t free or Cheap. However, if you are able to afford them, they are indeed the Best.

Before I continue, Am Funloaded the admin behind this Blog you are currently reading from. And our goal is to make you financially OK.

I’ve shared so many Tutorials about different hacking tools such as Cardcumbo, Flash Funds, Xcaret100, Coinceller, Cardro Pro, and Many More Bank and Cryptocurrency hacking tools but in this post, am going to Show You How to Extract Funds from clients account using their SSN digits.

Here are few things am going to share with you.

  • What is Ssnphisher Phisher
  • How do ssnphisher Works
  • How To Use Ssnphisher.

What is SSN (Social Security Number)

In Country Nigeria, BVN is used, In UK, NIN is used and in the USA, SSN is used.

A Social Security number (SSN) is a numerical identifier assigned to U.S. citizens and some residents to track their income and determine benefits.

The Social Security number was created in 1935 as part of The New Deal as a program to provide for retirement and disability benefits for the old and infirm.

While the original intention of the program and the individually assigned identification number was simply to track earnings and provide benefits, it is now also used for a wide range of purposes, such as to identify individuals for tax purposes, to track their credit record, and approve for credit.

In the United States, an individual is asked to provide an SSN to obtain credit, open a bank account, obtain government benefits or private insurance, and buy a home or a car, among many other pursuits.

Meaning of SSNPHISHER and how does it work?

Ssnphisher is a powerful hacking tool created by a group of Hackers. This tool makes it easy to get real money through your Client’s account without stress using their Social security Numbers. Am sure You are still wondering how the whole process works right? Let me explain further.

First, You need Their SSN digits and Date of Birth linked with their SSN but if You only have the SSN digits without you can still process your Job only that the amount you can withdraw is limited per transaction.

Once you Have these details the next thing is to install SSNPHISHER and follow our Video Guide.

how to use ssnphisher

With this tool, You can Take Loans from Your Clients Bank Account without their Notice. You can only take a Loan of $4,000 From an account if You don’t Have the DOB (Linked with the SSN).

However, If You have the SSN and date of birth, You can take a loan of any amount.

You will be able to select when you want the loan to be paid back by your Client “January to December” Your Client will be notified by Their Bank when it’s due to pay back the Loan “sure you know that’s none of your concern.”

To Remain completely anonymous, there is a various medium through which you can cashout this Money such as PayPal, Cashapp, Bitcoin and Bank (Only USA Bank account).

But before then, Note that the tool is not a free one “For Broke Guys looking for Free things” so sorry this one is not for you.

You need to Pay $50 before You can use this Tool. And this is a lifetime payment. No hidden Charges, No extra Fee.

Once Your App is Activated, You can continue using the app as long as the app remains on your device. The good news is that “App work for PC, IOS and Android.

You can purchase Your Ssnphisher activation code directly from the app or through the app contact.

Download Ssnphisher For Android

To download the Ssnphisher app, You can visit their Official Website at https://bit.ly/3kZlgac.

For iPhone And PC users, You may need to connect to the site Admin to get it downloaded because it’s not shared for public download.

Am not using iPhone or PC for my Ssnphisher app and using an Android device so you may need to find out how to get the PC and IOS version by contacting the Admin so long it’s officially stated that the whole versions are available.

What’s the App Transfer Limit?

Like I’ve said earlier, If You have the clients SSN and DOB you can loan unlimited but if You have only the SSN digits without the date of Birth, You will only have access to loan the maximum of $4000

You can only take a Loan two times from one account. After this, it won’t work again for that particular account.

You can transfer to Bitcoin, Cashapp, PayPal, or a USA bank account.

If You follow the Guide as it’s written, Success is always yours. And remember to always visit us for more updates.

Before you exit this page, Here are few other things hackers can do with your SSN apart from Taking Loans with them.

7 Things Hackers Can do With Your SSN

  1. Open credit cards in your name “ To open almost any credit card account, all you need is an SSN, name, and address. After stealing your SSN, getting your name and address is a relative cinch. Together, these three pieces of information in the wrong hands are incredibly damaging.
  2. Get your tax return“ You may be eagerly awaiting your tax return money, but as long as an attacker has your SSN name and birthdate, he or she can file a tax return in your name. Goodbye money, and more importantly, goodbye security and privacy.
  3. Open bank accounts/add names to your bank accounts“ Now that they have your SSN, attackers can easily open bank accounts in your name. They can also get into your existing accounts and add themselves on so they can use the funds.
  4. Take out loans in your name – Armed with your SSN and name, attackers can take out loans and never pay them back. This causes huge damage to your credit rating, ability to get insurance and can even prevent you from getting a job in the future.
  5. Use your health coverage- Imagine getting a statement for a medical procedure you know you’ve never had and you have to pay the bill. With just your SSN, a hacker can pose as you, receive medical treatment, and stick you with the bill.  As terrible as this is, messing with your medical can get much worse; if an attacker is treated in your name, his or her current medical issues will be added to your records, which could lead doctors to prescribe incorrect or unnecessary medications or procedures.
  6. Claim to be you if charged with a crime“ Did you really think a hacker would fess up if caught by the police? Nah, they’ll just pretend to be you instead.
    By giving your name over to the authorities, you have become a part of their web of crime and lies, which may keep you from getting lines of credit and jobs and worse of all may land you in prison.
  7. Open utilities in your name All it takes is an SSN and name to open accounts at certain utilities such as gas, electric, and phone companies. Attackers run up bills under your name and then you get stuck with the bill.

Six Tips to Keep Your SSN Safe?

  1. Shred documents
  2. Learn it by heart
  3. Don’t give your number out
  4. Never put it in email or text
  5. Monitor your credit card statements
  6. Take your SSN card out of your wallet

If You find this Post Helpful, Kindly Share with other Hustlers who might be interested. Money must be made.

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