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Cultism in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions (after reading you will vow not to join secret cult)

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Cultism is defined as a secret organization whose activities are kept away from non-members of the organization. Because of the negative connotation of their activities, they are mostly done in secret.

Cults are devilish groups that extremely exploit their members in many ways.

They have signs and symbols, with strict rules that are kept judiciously by all members.

Cultism has assumed a more dangerous dimension in Nigeria presently, mostly in the higher institutions of learning such as colleges of education, Polytechnics, Universities. And even in Primary & secondary schools!

Brief origin of Cultism in Nigeria:

Pyrates confraternity is the first secret cult established in Nigeria in the year 1952 at the University College, Ibadan, now called the University of Ibadan.

The pyrates confraternity are also known as the seadogs & it was formed by a group of students such as Sylvanus Egbuchie, Ralph Opara, Wole Soyinka, and others.

The major reasons for the establishment of Pyrates confraternity are to ensure Nationalism, freedom, protection of human rights, and to engage in public sanitation, e.t.c.

After some years, some students became dissatisfied with the methods of operation of the pyrates and decided to form their own confraternities.

In 1970, the Buccaneers Confraternity was formed at the University of Benin by Nolaji Carew. Almost the same time, the national association of Air Lords was also formed at the University of Ibadan.

The Super Vikings come into existence in 1982 at the University of Port Harcourt. Two years later the Black axe was formed at the University of Benin.

In the early 1990s, many secret cults were established such as Knight Cadets, the Red sea horses, the black cats, The Mgba Mgba Brothers, the Green Berets, and so on.

Female students started to form their own secret cults, theirs include; the dirty bra, the white angels, daughters of Jezebel, Dirty virgins, the black queens, and so on.

Presently, the secrets cults in Nigeria are countless and each group has its own methods of operation, signs & symbols.

Reasons why students join Cults

  1. Academic weakness; Some students have academic weaknesses and believe they can easily influence lecturers to add marks to their scores by letting them know that they are members of secret cults and they’ll deal with them if they refuse to cooperate.
  2. Poverty: This is one of the major reasons that lure students to join cults. When students are devastated in Poverty, they’ll accept any avenue to make living.
  3. Lack of discipline; Lack of discipline has lead students to join cults and indulge in drug abuse, suicide, and breaking of laws.
  4. Anger against society; Some students are neglected by society, and in order to vent their anger on the society they may decide to join cults.
  5. Campus Rivalry; Some students join the cult groups because they have rivals & want to have protection against them.

Disadvantages of Cultism

  • Cult activities expose students to negative connotations such as; Murder, rape, arson, and all sorts of violent crimes.
  • Their activities affect innocent students.
  • It causes the school to drop out. – Their activities cause sadness & depression to families affected.
  • They give a bad name to their families & their Institutions.
  • They disrupt academic activities.
  • Drug addiction & related health problems.
  • Thuggery

Cultism in Nigeria: Preventive measures

  • Abiding by rules and regulations.
  • Moral discipline
  • Public awareness of the evils of Cultism.
  • Students should avoid bad company.
  • Parents should bring up their children with good values.
  • The government should improve the standard of living in society.
  • Corruption should be eradicated.
  • Cultists caught should be severely dealt with.


Cult groups have some common features such as; Initiation of members, late-night meetings, oaths taking, signs & symbols. In order to eradicate Cultism in Nigeria, we all have roles to play, parents should discipline their children and the government should standardize the living of its citizens and deal with those caught red-handed in the act.



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