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List of Nigeria Zip Codes

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This article contains the zip code for the 36 States in Nigeria.

Are you looking for the correct Nigeria zip code? This article will help.

It is very important you know the Nigeria Zipcode, or where to find it in case of emergencies.

Usually, when filling a form, or job application online, you are required to enter the zip code for your State.

In some forms, you are likely to see zip code, while others, postal code. When you are asked to enter a zip code or postal code, don’t get confused, as both zip code and postal code as used in Nigeria mean the same thing.

In the US, it is known as Zip code while in other countries, it is known as postal code.

Also, when filling a form, a lot of Nigerians make the mistake of entering 234 as their zip code. This is wrong. 234 isn’t Nigeria zip code.

Nigeria has zip codes for the various 36 States that make up the federation.

The zip or postal code is what you used to receive mail in Nigeria. Hence, if you put in a city as your city of residence and enter a Postal code that doesn’t match that city – you will get an error.

It will interest you to note that, incorrect Nigeria Zip code can cause goods and mails to get missing or delay in delivery.

To help you avoid this in the future. I have compiled the list of all Nigeria Zip codes or Postal codes.

A ZIP Code is a postal code used by the United States Postal Service. It has been in use since 1963. ZIP is an acronym that simply means Zone Improvement Plan.

Nigeria consists of six (6) geopolitical zones (North East, North West, North Central, South-South, South East, and South West). This is the basic reason why the Nigerian Zip codes consist of six numeric digits.

List Of Nigeria Zip Codes By State in Nigeria

The below list is the zip codes for the 36 States in Nigeria. If you wish to get a local government zip code, simply click on any of the State below, and It will take you to where you will find all the zip codes for the various local governments and cities in that State.

USPS Zip Code for Nigeria

In case you come across a form online requesting for your ZIP code, please note that Nigeria uses postal codes.

While filling a USPS form – United States Postal Service, also note that USPS has codes for handling deliveries in overseas countries.

The code for Nigeria is 00176-0000

When filling an online form – and you’re required to key in your ZIP code, put in 110001 or 23401.

That’s all on Nigeria postal code.

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