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GoldOMC.com – A New Way To Access Your Racksterli Account

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GoldOMC.com Latest Update


RACKSTERLI Now GOLDOMC.Com is back and better, you can log in and share your sponsored post now on their new website.

Need a side hustle??? One that wouldn’t take your spare time, with good profit and a considerable amount of capital

Then you are at the right place. We have packages ranging from 14k to 280k with over 50% profit for just sharing a post daily. Isn’t that amazing!!!

A new platform has been released, and you can now share your posts, refer people, earn and hit withdrawals.
  • Visit  and log in with your username and password, as usual
  • Extra days have been given to cover for the losses you acquired by missing the other days, so if you were supposed to withdraw today and missed all through the 6 days of the upgrade, you will get to share for 6 more days
  • If your withdrawal day reaches, give yourself more than 6 days of sharing posts, so you don’t lose out on your earnings
  • The withdrawal button will turn green, and the CEO announced that they have devised a way of paying hundreds of people with just a tap of a button.
Your investments in Racksterli are safe and secured with the Investment team, thank you for trusting and being patient with the investment company, we love you all. Visit https://goldomc.com to login now and start sharing a post, cashout, placing a withdrawal, and other previous transactions made on the main official website.


Racksterli is a platform created to help everyone; employed, unemployed, physically challenged to earn a living for themselves from the comfort of their homes by being an affiliate marketer on racksterli official website.

We help, companies, corporate businesses, small and large-scale entrepreneurs advertise their products and service on all social media platforms. The essence of doing this is to create brand awareness, generate leads for our clients. In turn, we pay you as an affiliate marketer registered under Racksterli

Our aim is to eradicate poverty and to contend the notion that “one cannot make money without strain, stress or difficulty”. Racksterli is not a ponzi scheme or a money doubling website. It is built to pay you as an affiliate, which means you need to share a post daily from your dashboard to social media platforms e.g Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp e.t.c


As an affiliate on the platform, you will be required to share a sponsored post on your WhatsApp account every day for thirty days (30days). Your account will be credited daily, and after thirty days all your daily earnings will be summed up and credited into your bank account


Having referrals on Racksterli is totally optional. However, you can still make some extra bonuses when you refer or invite a friend to become an affiliate on Racksterli. A detailed summary of our referral bonus on each package is listed below


Each of the above packages has its daily activity earnings (activity earning is a price that gets credited into your account when you share a sponsored post). The activity earnings vary for different packages.

I. For the standard package, after sharing a sponsored post an activity
earnings of $1.9 will be credited into the account.
II. For the premium package, after sharing a sponsored post an activity
earnings of $3.9 will credited into account.
III. For the platinum package, after sharing a sponsored post an activity
earnings of $7.8 will credited into account.
IV. For the gold package, after sharing a sponsored post an activity
earnings of $15.6 will credited into account.
V. For the diamond package, after sharing a sponsored post an activity
earnings of $39 will credited into account.



There are 7 packages (figures in brack is your money after 30 days)
▪️Standard: N14,000 (N21,660)
▪️Premium: N28,000 (N44,460)
▪️Platinum: N56,000 (N88,920)
▪️Gold: N112,000 (N177,840)
▪️Diamond: N280,000 (N444,600)
▪️Ruby: N560,000 (N848,388)
▪️Emerald: N1,120,000 (N1,690,000)

All you have to do after registration is share one sponsored advert from our website to your Facebook or WhatsApp once for 30 days

Daily-earnings on each package when you share sponsored post is as follows:

▪️Standard- $1.9 × 30 = $57
▪️Premium – $3.9 × 30 = $117
▪️Platinum – $7.8 × 30 = $234
▪️Gold – $15.6 × 30 = $468
▪️Diamond – $39 × 30 = $1170
▪️Ruby- $74.42 × 30 = $2232.6
▪️Emerald-$148.25 × 30 =$4447.5

It doesn’t end there, by bringing people to the platform we reward you for each person you invite to join (referral is not a requirement for you to earn, hence it’s optional)

the referral bonus for each package you refer someone to ;
▪️Premium- $8
▪️Platinum- $10.53
▪️Gold- $11.85
▪️Diamond- $13.16
▪️Ruby- $15.7
▪️Emerald- $18.4
You earn this amount for each person you refer/bring to any of these packages.

Steps To register

1.. Buy Coupon Code, the contact seller 👇
2.. Register with our affiliate link 👇


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