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UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers 2020/2021 in PDF Now Available

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Do you need the complete pack of the University of Ilorin, UNILORIN post-UTME past questions and answers PDF to prepare for the forthcoming exam? Now, sip your coffee and relax because we at Funloaded have compiled the best post-UTME past questions and answers PDF for UNILORIN that will help you prepare for your post JAMB examination, otherwise known as the screening test or aptitude test.

Continue reading to learn how to download the UNILORIN post-UTME past questions and answers PDF Premium versions instantly. Believe me, it’s pretty straightforward.

University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) aspirants who have passed the UNILORIN Departmental Cut Off Mark requirement of 200 and above in the just concluded JAMB examination can further use UNILORIN post UTME past questions to achieve success on the forthcoming post UTME examination.

Download UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions in PDF Format Now.

This article will cover the following:

  1. Why you possibly might have chosen the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) as your school of choice
  2. Reasons why you need UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers pdf
  3. Key features of UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions

Relax and let’s get you well informed!!!


The University of Ilorin is also known as Unilorin, which is a university in the state of Kwara, located in the capital Ilorin, hence its name. Unilorin is owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria and was established in 1975. There are 16 colleges in Unilorin and at least 62 departments.

Although there is much to say about this great institution, I will stop here and move on to the main topic of discussion, which is what you should know before moving on and applying for any program at Unilorin.

However, there are two ways to obtain admission to study to obtain a first degree at the University of Ilorin, the first by direct admission and the other by UME, that is, through JAMB and post UTME.


University of Ilorin Post UTME Past Questions and Answers are the questions that have been set over the years for admission of students into the university after their success in JAMB.

It is a collection of questions from each year since the inception or start of the POST UTME in the  University of Ilorin.

However, we have been able to gather UNILORIN post UTME past questions this in order to help prospective students into UNILORIN.

Once you Purchase our POST UTME past questions we will follow you up with tips and essential updates in other to make sure you get admission into the  University of Ilorin with ease.

Reasons Why You Need UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions

Some students may ask, why search for UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers when I had a very high score in the JAMB Exams? Getting the UNILORIN Past Questions and Answers, gives you a glimpse of how the Post UTME exam is like and also to know the UNILORIN Post UTME Syllabus.

– HIGHLY COMPETITIVE:  University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) is a recognized University in Nigeria. As such, a huge number of students apply to study in this Institution each year.

Each year, a minimum of 50,000 students seek admission into UNILORIN but just a few gains admission. This is enough reason for you to get the UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers.

As we know UNILORIN is competitive both in terms of their academics and also their admission process. So, do not seat on your buttocks, thinking that your 200+ score in JAMB will get you admission into the Institution.

To stand a better chance, you need to start preparing for UNILORIN Post UTME screening right now without delay.

You can do these by studying the UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in PDF, to help you prepare for the Post UTME Examination. You will get familiar with the questions and understand the area of concentration for your exams.

– NO JAMB SCORE GUARANTEED: Sad to say, a good number of students who scored high in the JAMB examination might not gain admission.


Reasons being that admission into any University in Nigeria is not guaranteed by JAMB Scores alone, but with the combination of your WAEC Result, JAMB Score, and the University Post UTME Exam. These three forms the basis for admission.

The requirement in the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN), is that any candidate that will be considered for admission into the University must have scored 200 in JAMB and at least 50% in the Post-UTME before the JAMB and Post UTME score of the person will be added to check if the person has passed the cut-off mark for the course of choice.

So, for those students that had a high JAMB score, they must also hit a high score of 80% in the Post UTME to stand on a higher ground to be considered for admission.

Meanwhile, for those who had a low JAMB score, what is their fate? They can still increase the chances of gaining admission into University by studying extra hard using UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions and Answers.

Key Features of UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions

– No of Pages: 31 or above
– From 2010 – 2019 – Past Questions and Answers
– For All Courses (Post UTME Subjects).

Sample Screening Past Questions and Answers 

1. A laborer is paid N5, 400:00k per month. What is his total salary in 1 3/4years?

A. 113,40:00

B. 64,800:00

C. N97,200:00

D. N129,600:00


2. Which of the following will sink when placed on water?

A. Ball

B. Plastic Cup

C. Balloon

D. Eraser


3. A boy buys a biscuit for N4 and sells it at a profit of 20%. Find the actual price and the selling price?

A. i =N1.00k, ii = N5.00k 

B. i = 60k, ii = N4.40k

C. i = 80k, ii = N4.80k 

D. i = 50k, ii = N4.50k


4. A man buys a recharge card for N500. He sells it for N430. What is the percentage loss?

A. 7%

B. 9%

5. An example of a confluence town in Nigeria is……………………………..

A. Onitsha

B. Obudu

C. Lokoja

D. Port Harcourt


6. A trained person that specializes in the treatment of diseases and disorders of the teeth is called…………….

A. Cardiologist

B. Dermatologist

C. Physician

D. Dentist


7. A bricklayer is Paid N1000:00k for 5days work. What is his pay for 22days work?

A. N22,000:00k

B. N50,000:00k

C. N4,400:00k

D. N5,000:00k


8. In a parliamentary system of government, members of the parliament are required to report the proceedings of the house to their…………………………

A. Local government chairman and governors

B. Constituencies 

C. Political parties and party stalwarts 

D. Traditionalrulers


9. One essential duty of a citizen to his/her state is to………………………

A.  Vote and support the government in power 

B. Recite the national anthem and the pledge 

C. Pay his tax

D.  Encourage other citizens to be loyal


10. Under whose regime were Delta and Adamawa States created?

(a)Gen Sanni Abacha

(b)Gen yakubu Gowon

(c)Gen Murtala Muhammed

(d)Gen Ibrahim Babangida


11. The body charged with the responsibility of regulating and protecting consumers against illicit foods and drugs in Nigeria

A. Consumer protection council

B. Standard Organization of Nigeria

C. National Drug Law Enforcement agency

D. National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control


12. The senate president during the second republic was……………………. (a)Dr. Joseph Wayas (b)Senator Anyim Pius Anyim (c)Senator Iyorchia Ayu (d)Chief Adopous Wabara ANSWER: A

13. We eat Carbohydrate food to give us…………………….. (a)Energy (b)Good sight (c)Good teeth (d)Strong bones ANSWER: A

14. President Barrack Obama is the………………president of the United States of America and first African-American president of U.S. (a) 5 th (b) 4 th (c)40th (d)39th ANSWER: B

15. A large area of water surrounded by land is called………………………………… (a)A dam (b)An Island (c)An Is berg (d)A lake ANSWER: D

16. The major raw material for pottery is……………………….. (a)Metal (b)Ceramics (c)Cement (d) Clay ANSWER: D •

17. If the total sales for a bag shop in a certain year were #150, 000What were sales in July, if July sales were half the monthly average?

A. 6,250

B. 8,650

C. 12,500

D. 7,550


18. At a basket match, Roland was sitting in seat 356. Peter on the right of Roland in seat 355. Samuel was on the left of Roland. Samson was by the left of Samuel. Which seat is Samson sitting? A) 354 B) 357 C) 358 D) 353 ANSWER: A

19. While preparing for the post jamb aptitude test, Felix read through pages 35 to 78 and 102 to 127 of an English textbook. How many pages did he read altogether? 58

A. 15

B. 70

C. 68

D. 64


20. How many numbers between 1 and 60 begin or end with 5

A. 5

B. 87

C. 15

D. 18


How to Get UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions

The price is ₦2,000

In other to get the material delivered to your mail box, you are entitled to make a bank deposit of 2000 naira to Polaris Bank @ Idowu Oluwole with Account Number 3050308918. For any question or Inquiries, contact us at funloadedng@gmail.com

Payment procedure for the UNILORIN Post UTME Past Questions and Answer are as follows:

  1. Payment to the following bank account sent to your SMS or Whatsapp Number, either by bank deposits slip or online transfer
  2. After payment, the candidate is expected to:

Send FULL NAME ON TELLER or BANK ACCOUNT which the payment was made from + AMOUNT PAID + PAST QUESTION IN DEMAND +FACULTY or COURSE, as mail to or SMS to +2348032773749.


  1. Name on Teller or Bank Account You Transferred From.- Frank Andrews
  2. School e.g: UNILORIN
  3. Faculty or Course E.g: AGRICULTURE
  4. Email Address or Whatsapp Number

The PDF Past Question and Answers will be sent to your email on confirming payment.

Successes as you get into the exams hall and come out smiling with excellence.

For any question or Inquiries, contact us

We will keep you fully updated with UNILORIN Admission News.

DISCLAIMER! The Content on this page is solely written to meet the needs and to guide aspirants of the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN).

This article was written on good intentions and does not mean to cause any disturbances. If you feel any infringement of content or copyright, please kindly contact us privately.

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