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Wellspring University School Fees Schedule for the 2019/2020 Academic Session

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Wellspring University School Fees Schedule for the 2019/2020 Academic Session

Do you want to further your education at Wellspring University but want to know their school fees? Then This page is for you

We will show you the Wellspring University school fees schedule for the 2019/2020 academic session.

Please note that the school fees below are for Undergraduates (B.Sc), Postgraduates, Part-time, Foundation, and Top Programmes.

If you have any question please feel free to ask us using the comment box below.

Wellspring University School Fees Schedule

NB: Scroll/swipe the table below to view full details

DEGREE FOUNDATION-Mass Communication65,00010,0005,0002 semesters
DEGREE FOUNDATION-Accounting65,00010,0005,0002 semesters
DEGREE FOUNDATION-Sciences65,00010,0005,0002 semesters
DEGREE FOUNDATION-Economics55,00010,0005,0002 semesters
DEGREE FOUNDATION-Bus. Admin55,00010,0005,0002 semesters
DEGREE FOUNDATION-Int’l Relations55,00010,0005,0002 semesters
BSc(Full time)-Computer science200,00025,0005,0008 semesters
BSc(Full-time)-Microbiology200,00025,0005,0008 semesters
BSc(Full-time)-Mass Communication200,00025,0005,0008 semesters
BSc(Full-time)-Accounting200,00025,0005,0008 semesters
BSc(Full-time)-Economic190,00025,0005,0008 semesters
BSc(Full-time)-Bus. Admin190,00025,0005,0008 semesters
BSc(Full-time)-International Relations190,00025,0005,0008 semesters
BSc(Part-time)77,50020,0003,00010 semesters
BSc(top-up)110,50020,0003,0006 semesters
PGD Business Administration77,50020,0003,0002 Semesters
PGD Public Relations and Advertising77,50020,0003,0002 Semesters
PGD Information Technology77,50020,0003,0002 Semesters
PGD Computer Science77,50020,0003,0002 Semesters
PGD Financial Management77,50020,0003,0002 Semesters
MBA Finance115,00020,0003,0004 Semesters
MBA Information Technology115,00020,0003,0004 semesters
MBA Management115,00020,0003,0004 semesters
MBA Marketing115,00020,0003,0004 semesters
MSc Accounting115,00020,0003,0004 semesters
MSc Economics115,00020,0003,0004 semesters
MSc Computer science115,00020,0003,0004 semesters
MSc Business admin115,00020,0003,0004 semesters
MSc Mass Communication115,00020,0003,0004 semesters
MSc International Relations115,00020,0003,0004 semesters
MSc Information Technology115,00020,0003,0004 semesters

Remember if you have any questions please feel free to ask us using the comment box below.

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