Why Most Nigerian Students Don’t read

Why Most Nigerian Students Don’t read

Today we are going to discuss the reasons why most students don’t read despite knowing that reading is essential if they want to pass their exams.

Below are some of the reasons why most students don’t read;

1. Their work schedule doesn’t allow extensive time for reading;

Some students claim that their work schedule is keeping them busy to the extent that they don’t have time to read especially those that combine schooling with hustling.

This is very wrong because reading should be their priority as students. If you are one of those that believe they are too busy to read, change today. You can reschedule your activities to fit in reading. You can create a personal time table for yourself. And make sure you are strict with the time table.

2 Lack of interest;

This is one of the common reasons why students don’t read. Lack of interest arouses when a student is no longer enthusiastic about schooling.

SOME STUDENTS lost interest when they are forced by their parents or guardians to study a course they don’t like. this will make the student have no interest in reading. students also lost interest and stop reading when the teacher doesn’t have good teaching methods.

Parents should not force their children to study what they don’t want, they should allow them to choose their field of choice so that they can concentrate. Teachers should also encourage their students and tell them about the importance of reading.

3. Slow reading speed;

When a student is a very slow reader he can spend hours reading but end up reading a page or two. This will make the reading boring and with time since the student is not having fun in reading, he or she will stop reading. To prevent this, students should train themselves to read with the maximum speed.

4. Unavailability of reading materials;

This is one of the most common reasons why students don’t read, some students want to read but cannot because of barriers to accessing reading materials, they end up not reading.

For example; a teacher may recommend a textbook for students, some may not be able to buy it because it is too expensive. while other teachers assign online materials, most students don’t have access to the internet.

The government should, therefore, provide reading materials to students and ensure that they have free access to the internet.

5. Technology;

There is no doubt that staying updated to technology is very essential to our lives. But our addiction to technology in this generation is alarming. Digital gadgets play a high role in distracting students from their studies, leading to the loss of reading habits.

Most students spend most of their time on social media or watching films instead of reading their books.

6. Poverty;

You must have been surprised by why I mentioned poverty. Yes, it is one of the reasons why most students don’t read. Because of poverty most students will focus on survival needs rather than focusing on their studies. Therefore not having time to read.

Also, it will be hard to read on an empty stomach. And Even if you read, you might end up not comprehending what you read.

Although there are exceptions to this point, some students read because they want to come out from poverty!

7. Poor reading skills;

A Poor reader is someone who cannot read as well as others of his age can do. Poor reading skills make students lost interest in reading and abandon it. Because of their poor skills, they will feel inferior and give up on reading. Teachers and parents should make sure they encourage students with poor reading skills and help them improve their reading skills.


In conclusion, students should spend their time wisely, making sure the internet and other digital gadgets don’t affect their studies.

Parents should make sure they imbibe the habit of reading in their kid.

Teachers should also make teaching interesting and encourage their students to read.

The government should play its role by making reading materials easily accessible to students. These students will adopt the habit of reading.

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